3 Unique and Inspiring New Year Self-Care Rituals

3 Unique and Inspiring New Year Self-Care Rituals

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If you want to practice making self-care a priority this year and ideally with a little bit more than just slapping on a face mask, then let us help you to think outside of the box. 

Putting yourself first, both physically and mentally has been a priority talking point for a while now and it’s certainly key to ensuring a happier, healthier way of living. We all know that taking time doing things that make you happy are important, but we’d love to share 3 unique and inspiring ways in which you can take your self-care up a notch this year.


Take yourself on a solo date night

Practice self-care with one of its core principles - loving yourself. Treat a solo date night, exactly how you would a date night with a partner or a friend… get dressed up in your favourite outfit and take yourself to somewhere you love for dinner, or drinks, or hey even to the movies - whatever you love to do. Spending time alone doing things you love gives you a greater appreciation for yourself and a huge sense of independence. Why not glam up your date-night outfit with a gorgeous Rose-Quartz necklace, promoting self-love and comfort.  


Travel somewhere new each week

Travelling somewhere new doesn’t need to mean getting on a plane, or travelling far away - it could be as close to home as exploring a new street in your neighbourhood, or jumping in the car, or on a bus and heading to a town you’ve never really explored before. But take some time - an hour, or even a few - and explore somewhere new. Soak up the sights, sounds, smells and enjoy allowing yourself to fully immerse into the experience. You won’t regret this act of wanderlust that will allow you to feel a deeper sense of connection with yourself and your surroundings.


Just be

There has been a big emphasis in the past few years on being more present, on practising mindfulness and enhancing your meditation practise - and whilst these are all incredible skills to hone, sometimes it’s more important to just be. Sit on your front porch and just be. Ride the bus and just be. Make your breakfast, sit down to eat it and just be. Allow yourself to do even the simplest of things without distractions and you’ll likely be surprised at just how much more content you feel, how much more you notice, feel inspired and create sparks of creativity too!


Do you have any other self-care rituals you just love to adopt? Let us know yours in the comments below!







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