3 Ways to create more positive rituals with crystals in November

3 Ways to create more positive rituals with crystals in November

Positive Crystal ritual

There are so many ways in which we can weave the magic of crystals into our lives. We're sharing 3 of our favourite ways in which you can use and work with crystals this month...


Choosing a crystal intuitively


Crystals vibrate with their own unique energy and offer positively focused properties aligned with a purpose. For example, Rose Quartz vibrates with the energy of love, Citrine with the energy of abundance and Black Tourmaline with a grounding and protective energy.


When you decide to choose crystals to work with, the best way to choose the ones aligned to you is to do so intuitively. Connect with yourself to ask what crystal is calling to you, if you’re able to touch and hold the crystals, see if any one crystal feels different in the palm of your hands, or choose crystals with properties you are seeking support in at this time.


Amethyst - choosing a crystal intuitively

Setting crystal intentions


Once you have chosen the crystal that aligns with you, create a quiet space in your home to set your intention. Before you begin, spend a few moments doing some deep breathing and get clear on what you’d like your intention to be. 


An example intention for a new beginning might be - “I am ready and willing to begin a positive new journey”, or one for abundance might be - “Money flows easily and frequently to me”

Then simply follow these steps to Set Your Intention:

> Hold the crystal or crystal jewellery in the palms of your hands. Give yourself a moment to feel its energy. You might notice a warm sensation or vibration in your hands

> State your intention aloud or in your head 3 times.

> If you plan on having the stone in your space, place it somewhere that can be easily seen a daily reminder of your intention. If you’re carrying or wearing your crystal, keep it on or near your body.


Wearing your crystal jewellery

Wearing your Crystals


Wearing your crystals will help you to stay in tune with your intention all day. Having a piece such as a necklace or a bracelet, allows you to regularly check in with your crystal and your intention, which further gives it power. 


So why not tap into your intuition this November and get choosing a special crystal to weave a little magic of your own? It’s a ritual we love to do monthly and know that you’ll just love it too.

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