Five unique ways to use Amethyst in your home

Five unique ways to use Amethyst in your home

If like us, you love the healing powers of Amethyst, we’re excited to share with you five unique ways in which you can use Amethyst in your home to create calming energy and overall feeling peace and wellbeing.

Firstly, before you set your Amethyst piece, be it a cut stone or piece of jewellery to use, we recommend that you take some time cleansing and charging your crystal. You can do this by following our charging your crystal guide.

Once your Amethyst is charged and ready to go, you can set it to work in one of the ways below:

Amethyst Chip Bead Bar Bracelet
Amethyst Chip Bead Bar Bracelet

Charge your office or working space with the balancing energy of Amethyst

Some believe placing amethyst in your office space can help with feelings of tension. Its balancing energy is great to help you to concentrate deeply on projects - so is an essential stone for those of you who might get easily distracted by other things! Place your Amethyst stone on the left-hand side of your working space to harmonise with your emotional energy on the left-hand side of your body.

Use Amethyst to encourage a deeper and more peaceful sleep

Placing an Amethyst next to your bed or even under your pillow could have an incredibly calming effect on your sleep. This powerful stone is used by some as a great tool for clearing the mind and calming the space and can even have a positive effect on creating pleasant dreams too.

Tiny Amethyst Teardrop Necklace

Tiny Amethyst Teardrop Necklace

Use Amethyst to harness a deeper meditation

Keep a piece of Amethyst near to you during the day, to aid in a deeper meditation practise. Even for those of you who only pause for brief moments of meditation e.g. on route to work, or whilst walking along the beach, holding Amethyst whilst you breathe or meditate may help you achieve a clearer mind and open up more fully to the meditation process.

Use it to inspire

Since Amethyst is an incredible aid for clarity and inner peace, it also makes it a great stone for helping to find inspiration. Keep a piece in the kitchen if you want it to enhance your cooking skills, keep a piece in your wardrobe if you’re hoping to get creative with your style or even better, wear a piece to trigger inspiration at all times!

Natural Amethyst Point Necklace

Natural Amethyst Point Necklace

Ward of negative energy

Some keep a piece of Amethyst near them or at their front door to ward off negative energy. This stones calming and balancing energy will only invite more of the positive qualities and energies to your door to leave you feeling balanced in your home.

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Do you have any other ways in which you use beautiful Amethyst in your home? We’d love to hear your inspired Amethyst ideas too. Comment below, or tag us in you pics at @luna.tide


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