Shield Yourself from Negative Energy with these Powerful Crystals for Protection

Shield Yourself from Negative Energy with these Powerful Crystals for Protection

Do you ever feel surrounded or overwhelmed by negative energy? It can strike anywhere and leave you feeling mentally, physically and spiritually drained. Here we share our go-to crystals for protection to help you to deflect and redirect anything preventing you from living your best life!


Black Tourmaline: For absorbing harmful energy and radiation

An ideal stone to wear around computers and electrical devices, black tourmaline is believed to absorb electromagnetic radiation. Connecting with the base chakra, its grounding energy increases physical vitality and protects against stress and negative thoughts, encouraging a positive attitude no matter what the circumstances.



Turquoise: For protection from outside influences  

Tranquil turquoise is perhaps one of the oldest gemstones in history to be used as a talisman for protection. This purifying crystal clears negative energy and provides protection against outside influences and pollutants. An excellent healer, it balances and aligns the chakras to provide solace and well-being. Known as the travellers stone it is said to protect against unknown dangers, and was worn by nomadic Native American tribes to keep them safe as they journeyed across America, as well as Turkish soldiers who carried it with them to war.


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Rainbow Tourmaline: For protection against all types of dangers

A cleansing and purifying stone, beautiful multi-coloured tourmaline forms a protective shield around the body, transforming heavy and negative energies into lighter vibrations. It clears and balances all of the chakras, and is excellent for providing protection during rituals.


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Smoky Quartz: For grounding and positivity

With strong links to the earth and the base chakras, smoky quartz is one of the most efficient grounding and anchoring crystals. This versatile healer detoxifies and protects against electromagnetic pollution and geopathic stress, and gently neutralises negative vibrations to bring emotional calmness and positivity.


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Ruby: For defence against psychic attack

Known throughout history as a stone of nobility, passion and prosperity, ruby is also a powerful protector once worn by ancient warriors in battle. Very effective for psychic protection, its vibration forms a powerful barrier against anyone trying to steal your energy and leave you feeling drained. Energising ruby stimulates the heart chakra and encourages passion for life.
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Labradorite: for shielding the aura and strengthening energies within

Labradorite protects against negativity and misfortune, creating a shielding force throughout the aura and strengthening natural energies from within. It prevents negative thoughts and energy from entering and banishes the fears and insecurities that prevent mindfulness, encouraging you to have faith in yourself and trust in the universe.
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Do you use crystals for protection? Let us know in the comments, and explore our range of handmade gemstone jewellery available in these six crystals for protection plus many more!


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