All about Amethyst's meaning, properties and energies

All about Amethyst's meaning, properties and energies

Amethyst is the Stone of the Spirit. It is a very attractive, purple crystal that many people choose to start their crystal collections with.

Amethyst is the birthstone of February. It’s connected to this month as it shares the same tones as all the beautiful purple and violet flowers that bloom that time of year. Amethyst is the Zodiac Stones for Aquarius (21st January - 18th February), Pisces (19th February - 20th March) and Sagittarius (23rd November - 21st Dec). It is connected to many star signs because amethyst is such a common crystal found over the world and is spiritually aligned with so many.

Amethyst nugget necklace

Amethyst nugget necklace

How Amethyst is created

Amethyst is a type of quartz made from silicon dioxide that ranges from a light pinkish purple to a deep dark (almost blue) purple that often includes areas of red and brown. They are transparent terminated crystals that can range in size forming in clusters and single long terminations inside of geodes, which are volcanic rocks that look like plain rocks from the outside but when cracked open they reveal a cavity in the middle filled with beautiful crystal facets.

These amethyst crystal formations inside of geodes occur during volcanic activity. Radioactive magma is pushed up through the earth’s crust and seeps into gas cavities. Here they leave small amounts of silicon that reacts with oxygen, manganese and iron. As the volcanic rocks cool, these minerals become encased inside the rocks and slowly amethyst begins to grow.

Amethyst gains its beautiful purple colour from the presence of iron and the high energy radiation in the magma, which contains naturally occurring thorium and uranium. Due to changes in iron content and temperature environmental conditions during the crystal’s growth the colour is often patchy in amethyst crystals, with more intense colour at the tips and pale to white at the base.

Amethyst is found around the world, but today it is most commonly mined in Brazil and Uruguay.

Photo by Sam Arnold on Unsplash

Brazil, where most amethyst crystals are mined.

Amethyst bead bar necklaces in different shades of amethyst.

Amethyst bead bar necklaces in different shades of purple.

Amethyst in history

As amethyst is found in abundance around the world and it has been used and lusted over since the ancient ages.

Ancient history

Amethyst gets its name from the Greek for “not intoxicated”. It gains its name from ancient greek mythology where a woman called Amethystos is turned into clear crystal quartz by the Goddess Artemis in order to protect her from the God Dionysus. When Dionysus discovered the beautiful young woman was turned into a crystal he turns her purple by spilling red wine over her as an offering. It was then believed that all amethyst crystals came from Amethystos and that by wearing the crystal on you or by placing it in your wine cup you’d be protected from drunkenness and addiction.

In religion

In the church bishops would wear amethyst rings to keep them from temptation and mystical intoxication. When others kissed the amethyst ring, it would ground them and offer spiritual thoughts and enlightenment.

In royalty

Long ago, amethyst was deemed as rare and as valuable as diamonds. It was used in royal jewelry and crowns in many different cultures around the world. Now it is known as one of the most common (and most well loved) crystals, but it still remains the most expensive of the quartz family.

Amethyst bead bar bracelet

Amethyst bead bar bracelet

Amethyst uses today

Amethyst is known as the Stone of the Spirit. It is strongly connected to the spirit and spirituality, and is connected to the Crown Chakra. It is especially good for mediating with as it encourages an enhanced meditative state. When meditating with amethyst you’ll find it to be powerful at soothing your thoughts and emotions.

Amethyst is a great talisman for bringing calm, balance, strength, stability, patience and inner peace to its wearer. It can also help you focus and encourage success.

Amethyst is a fantastic stone for artists too as it helps enhance passion and creativity, strengthens the imagination and helps to inspire by encouraging new ideas and helping you put your thoughts into action.

Many people like to charge their other crystals by laying them within an amethyst geode. The energies from all the different point and angles of the amethyst crystals then help to charge and re energize your crystals. This makes them a great replacement for jewellery and ring dishes (and so much more prettier too!).

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What are your favourite qualities about amethyst? I’d love to hear them in the comments!


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