Aquarius zodiac stones and their meanings

Aquarius zodiac stones and their meanings

Aquarians are born between 20th January to 18th February.

Aquarians are generous, beautiful souls who are kind and friendly to all they meet. They are known as one of the most sociable zodiacs who love to get their friends together and entertain, however they are still very independent. They're ever so hippy, as they care about the planet and humanity as a whole. They are inventive usually thinking outside the box. They're intelligent needing the facts and figures to make up their mind about something. And ultimately, they have a zest for life.

The two zodiac stones that best align with Aquarius' are garnet and amethyst. Read more about them below.


Aquarius Zodiac Stone Garnet

The ancient stone garnet has been used since medieval times to bring magic and purpose to its wearer. Known as The Stone of Commitment, garnet assists with helping Aquarius hold onto their hopes and dreams for the future.

Garnet is believed to heal an Aquarius' emotions by grounding and protecting against melancholy. It aids in the truth and success of an Aquarian, by assisting with reclaiming lost love by making them recognise what and who they love in life and want to stay loyal to.


Aquarius Zodiac Stone Amethyst

Amethyst is one of the most popular crystals around and it is no surprise it is connected with the popularly social Aquarians. Aquarian's in need of spiritual guidance would especially benefit from wearing the beautiful purple amethyst stone.

Aided with amethyst Aquarians can find the best path and outcome of a situation. The amethyst crystal ignites their inner powers of intuition by activating the Third Eye and Crown chakras. 

The crystal is thought-calming to aquarians, reducing any stress they may feel while making a change. It also grounds and protects them especially from harmful empathetic emotions.

Aquarians taking up a new hobby can also gain passion and creativity energies wearing this crystal.


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