6 Best Crystals for Manifesting Abundance

6 Best Crystals for Manifesting Abundance

We all want (and deserve!) to live our best life. Whether you want to attract wealth, success, prosperity, positive relationships or all of the above, we’ve handpicked these beautiful gemstones that you can wear to manifest and welcome abundance into your life.

Chrysoprase: For growth and openness to new situations.

Chrysoprase is one of the rarest and most highly prized varieties of chalcedony (a type of quartz). This striking apple green coloured crystal encourages growth, joy, happiness and creativity. It attracts new love, openness to new situations and prosperity. Legend has it that Alexander the Great wore a piece of chrysoprase on his belt during his quest for world domination.


Tiny chrysoprase teardrop necklace in 14k rose gold fill


Ruby: For passion and protection.

Throughout history the ruby has been considered the most magnificent of all gems. Known as the stone of nobility, it is thought to bring protection, passion and prosperity. It is energising, balancing, motivating and helpful with setting realistic goals. Wear ruby to sharpen the mind and heighten awareness and concentration.


Ruby chip bead bar bracelet in sterling silver


Aventurine: For renewal and success in new ventures.

The stone of opportunity, glittering green aventurine is a lucky stone full of winning energy. With strong connections to the earth it helps you feel more connected to nature and represents renewal, good health, and success in new ventures. A positive stone of prosperity, aventurine reinforces leadership qualities and decisiveness.


Aventurine bead drop choker in 14k gold


Citrine: For imagination and creative energy.

Citrine is the stone of imagination, manifestation, and personal will. It is known as ‘the merchant's stone’ as it is thought to help encourage and maintain wealth. It is thought to carry the power of the sun, bringing energy, creativity and comfort, and turning negative thoughts, feelings and energy into positive ones. 


Citrine beaded chain anklet in sterling silver


Amazonite: For courage and truth.

Named after the powerful Amazon women, amazonite’s healing powers are thought to be as strong as the great Amazon river. Known as the stone of courage and truth it soothes the spirit and calms the soul. Amazonite represents kindness, peace, creativity, and love.


 Sparkling green amazonite gemstone faceted bead bar bracelet in sterling silver


Carnelian: For taking action.

Reminiscent of the setting sun, vibrant orange-red carnelian encourages creativity, courage and taking action. It restores vitality and motivation, and sharpens concentration and perception. Keeping carnelian by the door is said to invoke protection and invite abundance into the home.


 Carnelian statement hoop earrings in sterling silver


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Do you use crystals to manifest abundance? Let us know in the comments, and discover our divine range of handmade jewellery designs available in these six crystals for abundance (plus many more!) all made to order especially for you.


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