Centre Yourself With The Grounding Energies Of These 6 Crystals For Balance! ūüíé

Centre Yourself With The Grounding Energies Of These 6 Crystals For Balance! ūüíé

Life is full of ups and downs, so today we're sharing our 6 favourite crystals for balance to help you feel centred and stable.


Smoky Quartz: For grounding and anchoring

A very versatile healing stone, smoky quartz with its grounding, anchoring energies is said to purify the root chakra and help you feel more connected to Mother Earth. The perfect stone to use when you are feeling overwhelmed and chaotic, it is thought to bring a sense of stability and security.


Raw Smoky Quartz Natural Crystal Pendant Necklace


Fluorite: For cleansing and stabilising the aura

Used to cleanse the mind and aura, luminous fluorite is believed to absorb negative energy and enhance mental clarity and concentration.


Fluorite Chip Bead Bar Bracelet


Selenite: For peace and clarity

A powerful crystal for calming and stabilising the emotions, selenite is said to clear confusion and enhance judgement, insight and clarity of mind.


Selenite Bead Drop Choker


Lepidolite: For stable moods and emotions

Known as a calming stone, lepidolite is believed to help reduce stress and stabilise moods and emotions.


Purple Lepidolite Crystal Boho Lariat Necklace


Tiger's Eye: For staying centred and disciplined

A stone of willpower, tiger's eye is said to provide courage, inner-strength and discipline, helping you to recognise and achieve your goals. Its grounding earth energy is also known to enhance your confidence and self-worth by revealing your strengths and talents. 


Tiny Tiger's Eye Teardrop Necklace


Amethyst: For stimulating and soothing the mind

The soothing energies of this powerful purple crystal are thought to balance and centre the emotions, calming or stimulating the mind when needed and promoting higher states of consciousness, meditation and inner peace.


Amethyst Statement Hoop Earrings


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