Find Your Inner Strength With These 6 Empowering Crystals For Courage

Find Your Inner Strength With These 6 Empowering Crystals For Courage

Navigating life’s ups and downs can be daunting at the best of times, and with all of the uncertainty in the world right now it can feel harder than ever to face your fears and be brave. So we’ve hand-picked these 6 empowering crystals for courage to help you harness your own inner strength!


Ruby: For passion and prosperity⁠

Energising red ruby imparts a vigorous passion for life and motivates you to “follow your bliss”.
Tiny Ruby Teardrop Necklace

Amazonite: For truth and empowerment

Named after the powerful women of the Amazon, with healing powers thought to be as strong as the great Amazon river, mint green amazonite is known as the stone of courage and truth.
Dainty Amazonite Gemstone Anklet 

Carnelian: For energy and taking action

Fiery sunset red carnelian is believed to restore vitality, creativity and motivation.
Carnelian Chip Bead Bar Bracelet

Aquamarine: For bravery and self-expression

Calming sea blue aquamarine is said to soothe your fears and encourage you to take responsibility for yourself.  

Raw Blue Aquamarine Crystal Dangle Drop Earrings

Garnet: For regeneration and vitality

Revitalising garnet is believed to activate and strengthen your survival instincts, bringing hope and courage.
Garnet Bead Drop Choker

Onyx: For strength, stamina and perseverance

Black onyx is said to provide strength and support in difficult circumstances or times of mental or physical stress.
Black Onyx Beaded Chain Bracelet


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