6 Best Crystals for Creativity

6 Best Crystals for Creativity

I think we can all agree that the world would be a pretty boring place without creativity. Whether you’re working on a masterpiece or just want to inject some creative flair into your everyday life, it’s something quite magical that can make us feel more alive!

But finding the inspiration to come up with new ideas and the courage and motivation to see them through can sometimes be challenging, and once you are off and running it can be hard to stay focussed and on track. So we’ve hand picked the best crystals to help you keep those creative juices flowing.


Lapis Lazuli: For vision and wisdom

Like the starry night sky with its deep, celestial blues and mystical gold flecks, lapis lazuli represents spirituality, godly powers and vision. It brings intuitive and psychic awareness while opening the third eye and stimulating the throat chakra. It is a very good tool for manifestation and assists with clear thinking, communication and creative imagination. Popular with writers in particular, lapis lazuli is believed to help bring a natural flow of writing energies.


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Carnelian: For energy and vitality

Fiery sunset red carnelian is a stabilising stone with high energy. It restores vitality and motivation offering courage and inspiration to take action. Carnelian stimulates creativity, sharpens concentration and perception and provides analytic abilities. Useful for dramatic pursuits it is an excellent stone for performers.

Tiny Carnelian Teardrop Necklace


Amazonite: For courage and truth

Soothing and calming amazonite represents kindness, peace, creativity and love. Named after the strong and resourceful women of the Amazon, it provides artistic vision and courage to unleash your creativity and imagination.

Smooth Green Amazonite Natural Point Crystal Necklace
Smooth Green Amazonite Natural Point Crystal Necklace


Apatite: For motivation and inspiration 

Vibrant blue apatite stimulates creativity and inspires dreams and ideas. It opens the throat chakra to enhance self-expression and communication, while developing psychic gifts and spiritual attunement. The stone of motivation, apatite helps to clear confusion and promote concentration, focus and truth.


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Citrine: For imagination and manifestation

The golden hues of citrine are believed to embody the power of the sun, bringing warmth, joy, energy and comfort. This highly creative stone enhances imagination and individuality, improves motivation, and encourages self-expression. An excellent crystal for those suffering from a lack of confidence or low self-esteem, citrine makes you less sensitive to criticism and helps you to develop a more positive attitude.


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Chrysoprase: For growth and openness to new situations

Chrysoprase attracts prosperity and encourages growth, joy and openness to new situations. It activates the heart and sacral chakras, bringing Universal energy and a sense of being a part of the divine whole. Wear this striking apple green coloured crystal to stimulate your creativity and draw out your innate talents.


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