Celebrate The Joy Of Giving With Our Six Favourite Crystals For Generosity! 💝

Celebrate The Joy Of Giving With Our Six Favourite Crystals For Generosity! 💝

The festive season is all about giving and sharing, so today we’re celebrating our favourite six crystals for encouraging generosity!


Rose Quartz: For love, romance and compassion

Known as the love stone, rose quartz doesn't only encourage romance, but also love towards friends and family, and learning to love yourself. It represents compassion, peace, tenderness, healing and comfort.


Handmade Rose Quartz Jewellery


Aventurine: For prosperous, winning energy

A lucky stone of prosperity and abundance, aventurine is also known to activate the heart chakra, your centre of love, compassion and joy.


Aventurine Chip Bead Bar Bracelet


Citrine: For warmth, wealth and comfort

The golden hues of citrine are said to embody the power of the sun, bringing warmth, joy, energy and comfort. Known as ‘The Merchant’s Stone’, it is also believed to attract wealth and prosperity.


Handmade Citrine Jewellery


Peridot: For healing and harmony

Known as the ‘Stone of Friendship’, peridot is said to to increase the love and joy in your life while improving wealth and emotional health.


Handmade Peridot Jewellery


SunstoneFor light, joy and serving others

Believed to be connected to the light-filled energy of the sun, this joyful stone is believed to encourage self-nurturing to help you be of better service to others.


Handmade Sunstone Jewellery  


Amazonite: For kindness, peace and love

Named after the powerful women of the Amazon, Amazonite is used to manifest universal love and kindness.


Small Smooth Green Amazonite Crystal Slab Necklace


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Our handmade genuine gemstone jewellery is available to order in each of these six crystals for generosity plus many more. Which is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!


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