6 Best Crystals for Love and Friendship

6 Best Crystals for Love and Friendship

We want to wish all of our Luna Tide lovelies a very Happy Valentine’s Day! But what we really want to do is wish you love and friendship always, so today we’re swooning over these crystals you can wear all year round to attract, strengthen and heal the connections to all of the special people in your life. 

Rose Quartz: For compassion, tenderness and romance.

Your go-to crystal for all matters of the heart, rose quartz is known as the stone of unconditional love. It has a very high feminine energy that opens the heart chakra and helps to enhance love in every situation.  This pretty pink crystal doesn't just encourage romance, but also love towards friends, family, and yourself. Wear it close to your heart to feel it’s power.

Crystals for Love and Friendship Rose Quartz
Rose quartz crystal point necklace in 14k rose gold fill


Kyanite: For loyalty and honesty.

Named after the Greek word for deep blue, kyanite is said to heal damaged relationships and bestow loyalty, honesty and tranquility. An excellent stone for meditation and attunement, this beautiful blue crystal never needs cleansing because it does not retain negative energy. 

Crystals for Love and Friendship Kyanite Bead Drop Choker
Kyanite bead drop choker in sterling silver


Peridot: For healing and harmony.

Known as the stone of friendship, gorgeous green peridot improves emotional health and increases the love and joy in your life. It enhances the healing and harmony of relationships and alleviates jealousy, resentment, spite and anger. Legend has it that Napoleon gifted peridot jewellery to his Josephine as a symbol of his eternal love for her! 

Crystals for Love and Friendship Peridot
Peridot chip bead bar bracelet in bronze


Pink Peruvian Opal: For kindness.

Pink Peruvian opal brings gentle love and kindness to all kinds of relationships. Connected to the heart chakra, it is used to heal old emotional wounds and to bring inner peace. Thought to be gifts from the Inca Goddess of Mother Earth, these opals encourage inspiration, imagination and creativity, and help you to release your inhibitions.

Crystals for Love and Friendship Pink Peruvian Opal Statement Hoop Earrings
Pink Peruvian opal statement hoop earrings in 14k gold fill


Emerald: For reviving passion.

The emerald is known as the Stone of Successful Love. It enhances unity, unconditional love and partnership, and promotes friendship. Emerald opens up the heart chakra and has a calming effect on the emotions. It brings goodness into your life and is used for reviving passion, be that your career, hobby or love life.

Crystals for Love and Friendship Sparkling Green Emerald Faceted Bead Bar Necklace
Sparkling green emerald faceted bead bar necklace in 14k gold fill


Blue Lace Agate: For communication.

Mystical sky-blue coloured blue lace agate is a stone of communication, encouragement and support. It promotes verbal communication and expression and brings hope, peacefulness, happiness, and positive thinking. It activates the throat chakra to allow free expressions of thoughts and feelings.

Crystals for Love and Friendship Blue Lace Agate Jewellery
Blue lace agate chip bead bar anklet in sterling silver


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