Clear Your Mind And Focus With These Crystals For Mental Clarity ūüíé

Clear Your Mind And Focus With These Crystals For Mental Clarity ūüíé

Finding mental clarity isn’t easy these days with our increasingly busy lifestyles and so many distractions invading our headspace. So today we’re sharing our favourite crystals to help you clear your mind and think straight!


Prehnite: For memory and inner knowing.

Prehnite can be helpful when you need to sort through your thoughts and feelings to determine what is really important. It is believed to help you stay focused and alert even when you feel mentally weary. This stone of unconditional love is said to enhance memory, inner knowing, and personal discipline, while bringing harmony with nature, peace and protection.



Crystal Quartz: For clear thoughts and intentions

A¬†stone of clarity, crystal quartz is a deep soul cleanser¬†believed to clear your thoughts,¬†supercharge your intentions and keep you on your chosen path.¬†Described as the ‚Äėmaster healer‚Äô, it¬†is said¬†to be able to help with any issue, ailment or spiritual process. Crystal quartz¬†harmonises¬†all of the chakras and¬†focuses, amplifies, stores and transforms energy, working at a vibrational level that is attuned to your own specific requirements.



Lapis Lazuli: For vision and good judgement

A powerful thought amplifier, lapis lazuli is believed to stimulate the higher faculties of the mind to bring clarity and objectivity. It opens the third eye to encourage enlightenment and self-awareness and reveal your inner truth. A harmonising stone, lapis lazuli is said to help release stress and anger to bring deep peace and serenity. 



Amethyst: To soothe and stimulate the mind

Amethyst is believed to have strong healing and cleansing powers that can be used to either calm or stimulate your mind and emotions, while encouraging spiritual wisdom and awareness. It bestows stability, strength, and inner peace and helps to facilitate the decision making process.



Onyx: For decision making and intuition

Black onyx is said to provide strength and support in difficult circumstances or times of mental or physical stress. It is believed to protect you against draining, negative energies while enhancing your intuition and decision making.



Apatite: For focus and thinking

A great stone for focus and thinking, motivating apatite is believed to stimulate your intellect to help you to clear confusion, access information and expand your knowledge. Apatite is also said to release energy in the base chakra to help you overcome emotional exhaustion and frustration.



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