Crystals For Winter Birthdays

Crystals For Winter Birthdays

If you or someone special is celebrating a birthday this season, you’ll love our collection of handmade jewellery in these crystals for Winter birthdays!


June birthstone Pearl the gem of purity and innocence

Formed within the shell of an oyster, mussel, or clam, June birthstone pearl is known as the gemstone of purity and innocence, and is thought to bring happiness, wisdom, and truth.


Handmade Freshwater Pearl Jewellery


July birthstone Black Onyx for protection and intuition

Known as a powerful protection stone, July birthstone black onyx is believed to offer protection from draining and negative energies. Thought to assist in decision making and self-control, it is said to aid your intuition and help you though sorrow and grief.

Tiny Black Onyx Teardrop Necklace


July birthstone Carnelian for courage and motivation

Reminiscent of the setting sun, fiery red carnelian is believed to encourage taking action, creativity and courage.


Handmade Carnelian Jewellery


June birthstone Rainbow Moonstone for hope and inspiration

Known as the dream stone, rainbow moonstone is thought to be connected to the magic of the moon. This June birthstone is said to represents hope, mystery and inspiration while offering protection at sea and on land. 

Handmade Rainbow Moonstone Jewellery


August birthstone Peridot the stone of friendship and harmony

Known as the Stone of Friendship, August birthstone peridot is believed to enhance the healing and harmony of relationships. It is thought to improve wealth and emotional health, and believed to help to increase the love and joy in your life.


Handmade Peridot Jewellery


July birthstone Ruby for passion and prosperity

Known as the "Stone of Nobility", July birthstone ruby has been considered throughout history to be the most magnificent of all gems, thought to bring protection, passion and prosperity.
Handmade Ruby Jewellery


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 Our handmade genuine gemstone jewellery is available to order in each of these six crystals for Winter birthdays plus many more. Which is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!


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