Crystals to Enhance your Meditation Practise

Crystals to Enhance your Meditation Practise

Meditation has a great many benefits for your wellbeing and there are many meditation ‘aids’ out there to help enhance your practice and further improve your wellbeing. Crystals have been long used in meditation to deepen the practice and we’ve shared a few of our favourite crystals to meditate with…



Selenite - This is a popular meditation crystal due to its clearing and relaxing properties. Selenite aids with releasing negative energy and possible energy blockages, helping you to be clear from negativity whilst you meditate and to create a harmonising and positive energy to sit with. 


Quartz - Quartz crystals can be easily programmed with your meditation intentions, so we always suggest that choosing quartz to meditate with is a great one to use. Quartz aids with mental clarity, along with amplifying the energy of your intentions and dreams.




Black Tourmaline - This crystal helps to ground you and your spiritual energy, so it’s a great meditation aid if you are feeling a little unbalanced or ungrounded. Use Black Tourmaline to act as a protective energy shield whilst meditating, or if meditating as part of a group.


Using crystals as part of your meditation practice can have a truly positive effect on your personal growth. Any crystals can be used - and in any shape or form. Some like to use tumble stones or palm stones to hold whilst they meditate, others like to use crystal jewellery - so that they can wear a piece whilst they meditate - and then further carry the energy with them throughout their day. We just love meditating with our necklaces, which allow your hands to be free and the crystal to be close to the body and to the heart chakra, at all times!


Black Tourmaline

Whichever crystal you choose to meditate with, we have no doubt that you will feel a positive energy and gain a deeper connection with your higher self.


We’d love to know what your favourite crystal is to meditate with? Let us know in the comments below!



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