Awaken Your Psychic Intuition With Tanzanite, December’s Powerful Purple Birthstone! 💜

Awaken Your Psychic Intuition With Tanzanite, December’s Powerful Purple Birthstone! 💜

Shifting between shades of lilac and sapphire blue, tanzanite is a stone of transmutation used to develop psychic powers and higher levels of consciousness. Open your mind and enhance your intuition with December’s powerful purple birthstone!


How and where tanzanite is formed

Found deep in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, tanzanite is a rare variety of the mineral zoisite. The presence of vanadium during formation is responsible for its purple/blue hues, which shift when viewed from different angles.


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Tanzanite throughout history

Tanzanite was first discovered in the late 1960s by prospector Manuel d’souza, who stumbled upon what he thought were sapphires but were in fact deep blue zoisite stones.

The stone caught the attention of famous New York jewellers ‘Tiffany & Co’, who renamed it and became its main distributer, introducing it to the American and European markets in 1968.


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Tanzanite meanings, properties and uses 

A stone of transmutation, tanzanite shifts between lilac and sapphire shades of blue as it is viewed from different angles. This colour shift is said to raise consciousness and help you to see beyond your limitations and boundaries to realise your true potential.

Tanzanite is believed to enhance your psychic powers and stimulates the throat chakra, facilitating communication of insights from higher levels.


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Is tanzanite one of your favourite crystals? Let us know in the comments, and discover our range of handmade crystal jewellery designs available in tanzanite (perfect for December birthdays) and many other genuine gemstones!


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