December birthstones – turquoise and tanzanite

December birthstones – turquoise and tanzanite

December birthstones – turquoise and tanzanite

Turquoise lariat necklace

One of the most magical months of the year, December is a time for friendship, love and slowing down. The month’s birthstones turquoise and tanzanite both support the feelings of love and living life at a slower pace.

Beautiful hues of blues, December’s birthstones have many similarities but many differences too. Read all about turquoise and tanzanite below.

Turquoise December birthstone

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One of the oldest stones in history, magical and mystical turquoise has been adorned by kings and warriors as a good luck charm since ancient times, as it is a stone of protection and wealth.

Taking its name from the French, pierre turquoise, meaning Turkish stone (as the trade routes that saw turquoise be brought to Europe from the mines in central Asia went via Turkey and were often purchased in the enchanting bazaars), turquoise is a stunning stone, with its bluey-green colour attracting admirers for centuries.

A birthstone connected to tranquillity, turquoise brings calmness, clear vision and security for those born in December.

Striking turquoise represents love, friendship and strength, making turquoise jewellery a thoughtful and meaningful gift for December birthday girls.

Tanzanite December birthstone

Tanzanite chip bead bar necklace


Tanzanite is a beautiful rare purpley/ blue zoisite crystal, found exclusively in Tanzania. Made famous in the 1970s by prestigious jewellers Tiffany & Co. tanzanite has become one of the most popular crystals to wear. But not just for its rare beauty, but because of its healing powers too.

Striking tanzanite is renowned for its ability to enhance psychic powers, as it’s connected to the Crown Chakra (as well as the Third Eye and Throat Chakra), and is thought to be a powerful metaphysical healing stone – helping wearers overcome worry, fear and re-building trust, so that they can feel happier, loved and centred.

Many December bohemian birthday girls love wearing tanzanite jewellery while working as calming and soothing tanzanite is thought to provide practical solutions to problems and also improve communication skills.

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