Let The Soothing Energies Of February Birthstone Amethyst Ignite Your Spiritual Awareness And Intuition! ūüĒģ

Let The Soothing Energies Of February Birthstone Amethyst Ignite Your Spiritual Awareness And Intuition! ūüĒģ

Used to enhance psychic gifts and spiritual awareness, the soothing energies of February birthstone amethyst are believed to provide strength, balance and inner peace. Read on to learn more about this powerful purple crystal and its metaphysical properties! 


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How and where amethyst is formed 

A member of the quartz family, amethyst forms inside igneous volcanic rocks created by volcanic lava. Occuring in varying shades of light lavender to deep, rich purple, it has been sourced in many locations including the Unites States, Britain, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, Sri Lanka, Uruguay, East Africa, Siberia and India.


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Amethyst throughout history 

The amethyst has a rich history dating back to as early as 2000 BC. From the Ancient Greeks and Romans who believed it could prevent intoxication to¬†Leonardo Da Vinci who claimed that it could ‚Äėdissipate evil thoughts and quicken the intelligence‚Äô, it has long been admired¬†for both its beauty and¬†its soothing and stimulating energies.¬†¬†

Once considered one of the world’s most precious gems, the amethyst was favoured by royalty and religious figures until greater supplies were discovered and it became more accessible (and adored!) by all. 


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Amethyst meanings, properties and uses

A stone of spiritual wisdom and awareness, February birthstone amethyst is believed to activate the Third Eye and Crown chakras, igniting your inner powers of intuition and enhancing your psychic gifts. Combining mental focus with common sense and spiritual insight, it is known as an excellent crystal to assist with decision making and manifestation.

The soothing energies of this powerful purple crystal are thought to balance and centre the emotions, calming or stimulating the mind when needed and promoting higher states of consciousness, meditation and inner peace.


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