Cleanse Your Mind And Aura With Luminescent Fluorite! 💜🤍💚

Cleanse Your Mind And Aura With Luminescent Fluorite! 💜🤍💚

Glowing in pastel hues of green and purple, luminescent fluorite is believed to clear confusion and absorb negativity. Enhance your focus and mental clarity with the cleansing, protective energies of this fabulously fluorescent gem!


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How And Where Fluorite Is Formed

Also known as fluorspar, the name fluorite originated from the Latin word fluere which means "to flow”. The fluorescent luminance it emits when viewed from certain angles is believed to have inspired the word “fluorescence”.
Fluorite Chip Bead Bar Necklace


Fluorite Meanings, Properties And Energies  

Thought to enhance mental clarity, concentration and aid in decision making, fluorite is used to absorb negative energy and for cleansing the mind and aura. 


Sparkling Rainbow Fluorite Gemstone Faceted Bead Bar Bracelet


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