Time For A Fresh Start? 💚 You’ll Love These Green Crystals For Growth And New Beginnings!

Time For A Fresh Start? 💚 You’ll Love These Green Crystals For Growth And New Beginnings!

Representing the colour of nature and life force energy, green crystals are believed to encourage growth, harmony and prosperity. Turn over a new leaf with the inspiring energies of these green crystals for fresh starts and new beginnings! 



Known as the stone of friendship peridot is used to promote healing and harmony of relationships. This birthstone for August is believed to attract wealth and prosperity and help to increase the love and joy in your life.


Peridot Chip Bead Bar Bracelet




Known as the stone of successful love, the emerald is known for bringing goodness into your life and reviving passion, whether that be for your career, hobby or love life.


Raw Emerald Gemstone Dangle Hoop Earrings




The stone of courage and truth, amazonite represents kindness, peace, creativity, and love.


Dainty Amazonite Gemstone Choker Necklace



A lucky stone full of winning energy, green aventurine has strong connections to the earth and helps you feel more connected to nature. It represents renewal, good health, and success in new ventures.


Smooth Green Aventurine Natural Point Crystal Necklace




This stone of unconditional love is said to enhance memory, inner knowing, and personal discipline, while bringing harmony with nature, peace and protection.


Prehnite Beaded Chain Anklet




Known as a stone of transformation, malachite is believed to encourage change, risk-taking and living life more intensely. Considered an important protection crystal, it is thought to absorb negative energies and pollutants.


Malachite Chip Bead Bar Bracelet



Chrysoprase is said to encourage growth, joy, happiness and creativity, attracting new love, openness to new situations, prosperity and abundance.


Tiny Chrysoprase Teardrop Necklace


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Which is your favourite green crystal? Let us know in the comments, and explore our range of handmade jewellery designs available in these refreshing green crystals for growth and prosperity plus many more!


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