How to change your mindset by meditating everyday with crystals

How to change your mindset by meditating everyday with crystals

How to change your mindset by meditating everyday with crystals

Meditating every day can bring a lot of clarity and focus to your daily life. Some of the most successful people in today’s modern world are big advocates for meditating everyday, so if it is helping them, there is no harm trying it, right?

In this blog post, you will learn how to meditate everyday in your crystal jewellery so you can build a better morning routine for yourself and improve your self-esteem and mental health.

But first, why meditate? And why with crystals?

Meditating everyday has allowed me to do:

  • Be more self disciplined. 

  • Have more self esteem, as the days I meditate are the days I feel good about myself as even if I have had a bad day I’ve at least made time to do this one thing.

  • Increase my reliability. If I can do this everyday, what else can I do?

  • Has helped me start a more structured routine. Normally you would want to start with getting up earlier everyday, but if you start with meditating everyday, you can then build on this routine which will then lead you to want to start waking up earlier or eating better.

  • Meditation has helped me become more aware of my previously limited mindset, and encouraged me to read more self-growth books and learn about self improvement. Which is certainly improving my life!

I hope by following my tips it will allow you to do the same too!

Why meditate with crystals?

Meditation helps you feel more connected to yourself and nature, and what better way to aid this then with crystals, which are gifts from Mother Nature herself. Crystals have been used throughout history to aid with meditation, and each crystal can help direct your thoughts and focus in different ways.

How to change your mindset by meditating everyday with crystals

How to meditate

I use the meditation app Headspace, which has a free trial but is paid on a subscription after. It has meditation packs, which are 10 or so guided meditations which you can start and then that’s your next 10 days of meditations sorted, so means you don’t have to think about anything before starting your meditation which may distract you and stop you from doing it. It allows you to track how frequent you are meditating and how many hours you’ve completed so far, which really encourages you to want to do more! They also have single meditations, which are fantastic for if you’re stressed, unfocused, angry etc. I used the sleep one last night as I was struggling to fall asleep (too much caffeine!) and it really worked! I fell to sleep straight after it finished and had a very restful night after that.

However I understand we can’t all afford on-going paid subscriptions, so for a forever free alternative search for guided meditations on YouTube. This will require more research and effort on your part however, as you’ll need to have your meditations all scheduled in every day which may put you off your schedule.

Either sit up in a chair, cross legged on the floor, or if you’re like me and struggle to relax, lay down on a yoga mat and put yourself in Savasana “corpse” position. Lay flat on your back with your legs out, heels wide, arms laid either side of your body with the palms of your hands facing upwards. This is a very open, relaxing pose opening up your mind and body. I wouldn’t recommend this pose for meditation if you’re tired and likely to fall back asleep though!

How to change your mindset by meditating everyday with crystals

When to meditate

I choose to meditate first thing in the morning, without fail. If you do it first thing in the morning, before having breakfast, getting on the computer or putting on the TV you are more guaranteed to do it. It is even easier if you get up before anyone else in your household, as you don’t risk them distracting you.

I set an alarm in my phone to remind me when it is time to start my practice. And as soon as I’m up and have brushed my teeth and have gotten myself a glass of water, the yoga mat goes straight down on the floor and the session begins.

Another option is to attend yoga classes. Most yoga classes finish with a 5-10 minute meditation at the end, but it is best to check with the studio before committing, as some might not offer this. My local yoga studio even offers regular yoga and meditation classes, which is a 1 hour yoga session followed by a 30 minute guided meditation. I honestly think there is no better way to end an exercise session than with meditation, as you get to fully relax the muscles and mind! It’s a great reward for all that hard work.

Where to meditate

If you have a garden or balcony, meditating in nature is very soul soothing. Otherwise you could try your local park so long as you won’t be disturbed by anyone or a curious pup!

If you choose to meditate at home, get yourself a essential oils diffuser or burn some incense and treat yourself to some heavenly scents of sandalwood, lavender or jasmine. Lay a yoga mat down and use a blank to either sit on, or lay over you incase you get cold. Surround yourself with crystals such as crystal quartz, amethyst or rose quartz which are all great meditation aids.

How to change your mindset by meditating everyday with crystals

How and where to wear crystals when meditating

Wearing crystals can help you with your meditation practice, and allow you to bring those aspects into your everyday activities. Chokers and bracelets, where the gemstones sit nicely against the skin and where you can reach out and easily touch them can remind you to carry on thoughts of stillness, mindfulness and focus throughout the day. I especially enjoy wearing my dainty amethyst choker and bead bar bracelet during mediation as amethyst opens the third eye chakra and soothes the mind. Whilst wearing them throughout the day, looking down at my amethyst bracelet while typing this, for instance, helps bring thoughts of calmness and focus to my work.

Jewellery for meditation:

I hope you have found my guide on mediating everyday useful and it helps you to alter your mindset! Do you meditate regularly? If you don’t, why not give it ago tomorrow morning and let me know how you get on!


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