Introducing ūüíé New Crystals!

Introducing ūüíé New Crystals!

We are so excited to welcome these delightful new gemstones to the Luna Tide family!


Obsidian: For grounding, truth and integrity‚Ā†

Highly protective obsidian is believed to shield you from negative energies and enhance grounding, truth and integrity.



Tiger‚Äôs eye: For willpower, courage and prosperity‚Ā†

Used to attract prosperity, wealth and good luck, tiger’s eye is a stone of willpower believed to bestow courage, confidence, inner-strength and discipline.


Fluorite: For cleansing the mind and aura‚Ā†

Used to cleanse the mind and aura, luminous fluorite is believed to absorb negative energy and enhance mental clarity and concentration.



Malachite: For protection, transformation and opening your heart‚Ā†

Known as an important crystal for protection, malachite is used to absorb negative energy and encourage change, unconditional love and harmony.


Kunzite: For loving thoughts and calm emotions‚Ā†

Known as a stone of unconditional love, calming kunzite is said to encourage loving thoughts, communication and self-expression.


Ethiopian opal: For enhancing your self-worth, originality and creativity‚Ā†

Associated with love and passion, October birthstone Ethiopian opal is said to enhance your self-worth, originality and creativity.



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Our new crystals are available to order now in selected designs with more on the way, so be sure to join our VIP rewards club for updates and special offers. Which is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!




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