January birthstones: rose quartz, garnet & tsavorite

January birthstones: rose quartz, garnet & tsavorite

Rose quartz boho lariat necklace

With excitement of a new year in the air, January is a month of fresh starts, planning for the future and being compassionate about yourself and others. January’s birthstones; rose quartz, garnet and tsavorite all provide positivity to the new year themes, making them lovely gifts for boho babes born during the month.

Rose quartz

Feminine rose quartz is a calming, compassionate stone which encourages peace, nourishment and comfort. It’s beautiful to wear all year round, but especially wonderful for January because of its connection to the heart. Rose quartz not only encourages love for others but promotes self-love too.

This pretty and powerful pink stone stimulates the imagination – awakening the senses to art, music and writing.

Used as a love token as early as 600 BC, rose quartz promotes connectivity to loved ones and also higher realms. The stunning stone has also been loved for centuries for its beautifying properties and is a favourite stone for beauticians and beauty lovers alike to wear today.

Garnet Beaded Chain Bracelet


Deeply dreamy rich red garnet is a magical stone used for regeneration. Taking its name from the Latin (granatum) meaning pomegranate, because of its similarities to the small seeds; garnet is a birthstone perfect for January, as it encourages personal growth and bringing order to a wearer’s life.

Garnet is one of the oldest talismans, used in ancient times and by many others since – from the Egyptians to the ancient Greeks, the Romans to the Mayans – for power and protection.

Tsavorite Bead Bar Necklace


Tsavorite is a gorgeous green manifesting stone, renowned for its uplifting properties and bestowing the feeling of clarity for wearers to follow their own paths.

One of the rarest garnets, found in Kenya and Tanzania, tsavorite is believed to help January birthday girls see beauty in others and themselves, not just in their birth month but all year round.

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