Mystical Rainbow Moonstone ūüĆô The Shimmering Birthstone for June

Mystical Rainbow Moonstone ūüĆô The Shimmering Birthstone for June

The rainbow flashes of light that seem to bring mystical moonstone to life are one of our favourite miracles of Mother Nature! One for the dreamers, this shimmering birthstone for June is believed to be connected to the magical energy of the moon, bringing hope, intuition and inspiration. 



How and where is moonstone formed?

The most well-known feldspar gemstone, moonstone has been found in India, Sri Lanka, and here in Australia. Named for its moon-like glow, moonstone is identified by its mystical opalescent shimmer. This spectacular optical effect known as adularescence occurs when alternating layers of different feldspars cause a magical interference of light when it enters the stone.


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Rainbow Moonstone meanings, properties and energies

A stone of new beginnings, reflection and intuition, moonstone¬†is believed to have a¬†strong connection to¬†the magic¬†of the moon. This lunar association reminds us to go with the flow and follow¬†the natural rhythms of life,¬†just as the waves roll with the¬†tides.¬†Known as the ‚Äėdream stone‚Äô, moonstone¬†is said to¬†soothe emotional stress and instability, and bring hope,¬†protection, inspiration and open-mindedness.


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Caring for your rainbow moonstone crystals

Gently clean your moonstone with warm soapy water and a soft cloth, and charge with the energy of the moon by leaving out in the moonlight overnight. Always store your moonstone jewellery separately away from other jewellery and objects that may scratch or damage it.


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Is mystical rainbow moonstone one of your favourite crystals? Let us know in the comments, and discover our range of handmade crystal jewellery designs available in rainbow moonstone (perfect for June birthdays) and many other genuine gemstones!


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