June Birthstone Pearl 🧜‍♀️ The Lustrous Gem Of The Sea

June Birthstone Pearl 🧜‍♀️ The Lustrous Gem Of The Sea

Every gem is a miracle of nature in its own unique way, but while most are formed under the ground, the magic that happens underwater to create a pearl sets it apart from the rest. Representing purity and innocence, these gems of the sea are said to bring happiness, wisdom and truth, and as the birthstone for June they’re the perfect gift for anyone celebrating a birthday this month!


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How pearls are formed.

While it may be a well known fact that pearls are formed within the shell of an oyster, mussel, or clam, how and why this natural phenomenon occurs may surprise you. The process begins when a foreign irritant (such as a grain of sand or piece of shell) accidentally makes its way into the shell of the mollusk. It responds by secreting a substance called nacre, engulfing the irritant layer by layer until a beautiful, lustrous pearl is formed.



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Pearls throughout history.

Prized by ancient rulers and royalty and worn by the rich and powerful, the pearl has been a revered gem for centuries. With its unique method of creation and long and ancient history it’s no wonder that it features in many myths and legends. 

Ancient folklore believes that the pearl was created when a drop of rain fell from the heavens and became the heart of an oyster. In some cultures they were thought to be the teardrops of the moon. According to Hindu folklore dewdrops fell from the moon into the sea and Krishna picked one for his daughter on her wedding day.

Ancient Japanese legend has it that pearls were created from the tears of mermaids, nymphs and other mythical creatures. In tales of Chinese folklore, slaying a dragon and claiming the pearl it carried in its teeth symbolised wisdom.



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Pearl meanings, properties and energies.

With their sweet simplicity and understated elegance, pearls have transcended time and trends to remain a classic jewellery box staple. Considered a symbol of purity, innocence, and in some cultures fertility, they have long been a popular choice for brides to wear on their wedding day.

Despite having been worn by male royalty in ancient times, pearls are perceived to be a jewel of femininity. Venus the Roman goddess of love and beauty was believed to be born in the sea, emerging from an oyster and emulating the organic birth of a pearl. Many cultures also have strong lunar associations with pearls, seeing them as small reflections of the moon which has a powerful relationship with the ocean and a feminine energy.

Pearls are also equated to spiritual wisdom and awareness. With their long and strenuous process of creation, they are thought to symbolise the precious ‘pearls of wisdom’ that we gain from the challenges life presents and our experiences over the years.



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Caring for pearls

The best thing you can do to take care of your pearls is to wear them! Keeping them close to your skin and your body’s natural oils will keep them lustrous and prevent them from drying out. Remember that soft pearls can be prone to scratching so always store your pearl jewellery separately in the box that it came in.


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Are you drawn to the lustre of pearls and their underwater mystique?  Let us know in the comments, and discover our range of handmade crystal jewellery designs available in pearl (perfect for June birthdays) and many other genuine gemstones!




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