Harness The Magical Energies Of Mystical Labradorite! ūüĒģ

Harness The Magical Energies Of Mystical Labradorite! ūüĒģ

With its rainbow flashes of iridescent colour that shimmer and glow in the light, it’s easy to see why labradorite is known as the "Stone of Magic". Powerful and protective, with a strong link to the spirit world where anything is possible, this dazzling crystal encourages you to follow your dreams and awaken the magical powers within!


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What is labradorite and where is it found?

Labradorite was first identified in Labradore, northeast Canada, where the Inuit people believed that its flashes of colour were actually the Northern Lights of Aurora Borealis trapped inside. Legend has it that a mighty Eskimo warrior broke the rocks with his spear, freeing the colours that now dance across the Polar skies, and those that were not broken still have those Northern Lights within them. 

Labradorite is a feldspar mineral, a mixture of sodium, calcium, silicon and aluminium. Its trademark iridescence or ‚Äėlabradorescence‚Äô as it is known is caused by light traveling through the crystals thin layers of minerals, reflecting back and forth and dispersing it into different colours.

Labradorite can be found in Canada, Italy, Greenland, Finland, Russia and Scandinavia.


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Labradorite benefits, energies and uses.

Labradorite is believed to protect against negativity and misfortune, creating a shielding force throughout the aura and strengthening natural energies from within. It banishes the fears and insecurities that prevent mindfulness, encouraging you to have faith in yourself and trust in the universe. 

Believed to have a strong connection to the spirit world, mystical labradorite is thought to raise consciousness and connect with universal energies to boost your intuition and psychic abilities. A stone of contemplation and introspection, labradorite is used to help to calm an overactive mind and provide the insight and wisdom to reveal the truth behind illusions.

The perfect crystal to wear when you’re feeling a little stuck or stagnate, labradorite is said to energise the imagination and bring enthusiasm and new ideas, and then support you during times of change and transformation by imparting strength and perseverance.


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How to clean, cleanse and charge labradorite.

Warm soapy water is all that is needed to clean your labradorite crystals. To cleanse and charge, rinse them under running water then position them where they can absorb sun and moon light over a 24 hour period. Charge during a full moon for best results, and remember extended periods of direct sunlight may cause deeply coloured labradorite to fade over time.

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