Let Love Into Your Life With These Crystals For The Heart Chakra! ūüíö

Let Love Into Your Life With These Crystals For The Heart Chakra! ūüíö

Located at the centre of your chest as its name suggests, the heart chakra serves as your centre of love, compassion, empathy, forgiveness and joy. Known as Anahata which roughly translates to ‚Äėunhurt‚Äô in Sanskrit (the classical language of Indian), it affects your ability to love, trust and respect yourself and others. So today¬†we‚Äôre sharing our favourite crystals for opening your heart chakra and letting more love into your life!


Aventurine: For growth and renewal.

A lucky stone full of winning energy, green aventurine represents renewal and success in new ventures. It is believed to activate the heart chakra, calming your nerves and emotions and helping you to banish anger, irritation and negativity from your life.


Smooth Green Aventurine Natural Point Crystal Necklace



Peridot: For healthy emotions and relationships.

Known as the stone of friendship, glistening green peridot is said to improve your emotional health and increases the love and joy in your life. It is believed to promote healing and harmony of relationships while alleviating jealousy, resentment, spite and anger.


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Rose Quartz: For unconditional love and compassion. 

Representing compassion, peace, tenderness, romance, healing and comfort rose quartz is known as the love stone and is connected with the heart. It encourages not only romance, but also love towards friends and family, and learning to love yourself.
Handmade Rose Quartz Jewellery



Emerald: For reviving passion.

Known as the stone of successful love, the emerald is said to bring goodness into your life and is used to revive passion, be that in your career, hobby or love life.


Handmade Emerald Jewellery


Prehnite: For harmony, peace and protection.

A stone of unconditional love, prehnite is said to enhance memory, inner knowing, and personal discipline, while bringing harmony with nature, peace and protection.


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Chrysoprase: For openness to new love.

Believed to encourage growth, joy, happiness and creativity, chrysoprase is used to attract new love, openness to new situations, prosperity and abundance. 
Tiny Chrysoprase Teardrop Necklace


Pink Tourmaline: For joy and happiness.

A happy gemstone brimming full of love, joy and happy energy, pink tourmaline is thought to carry a strong feminine yin vibration. Connected to the heart chakra it is believed to lighten emotional and mood related problems and help bring more cheerfulness into your life.
Pink Tourmaline Boho Lariat Necklace



Amazonite: For courage and truth.

Named after the powerful Amazon women, amazonite is known as the stone of courage and truth. Representing kindness, peace, creativity, and love, it is said to soothe the spirit and calm the soul.


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Our handmade genuine gemstone jewellery is available to order in each of these eight crystals for the heart chakra plus many more. Do you have a favourite loving crystal to help you open your heart chakra? Let us know in the comments below!


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