Libra Zodiac stones and their meanings

Libra Zodiac stones and their meanings

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Libras are born between 23rd September and 22nd October.

They're diplomatic, fair-minded, cooperative, gracious, and social. There are five different stones that are associated with the Libra star sign: agate, lapis lazuli, opal, peridot and sapphire.


Agate, the Talismanic Stone of Libra

Talisman stones are gemstones that have been designed to be worn as jewellery or something you can carry in your pocket, such as a figurine. It is believed that when Libras wear agate, their talisman stone, they will increase the crystal’s energies and protect the wearer.

Agate is a banded chalcedony, which is a quartz mineral. Agate comes in many different varieties, including:

  • Blue lace agate: a soft, pale blue banded agate

  • Crazy lace agate: a joyful, heavily patterned agate known as the Laughter Stone 

  • Dendritic agate: a colourless, white or gray agate with tree-like inclusions.

  • Fire agate: a translucent brown agate with flashes of iridescent colors.

  • Laguna agate: a stripy banded red agate with colours of white, gold, and brown.

  • Moss agate: technically this agate isn’t banded at all, but clear to white with moss coloured inclusions.

All of these agates have their own particular meanings and uses, but agate in general helps with balancing yin and yang energies, to give you a calm level of courage, and it also offers protection and healing energies.

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Sapphire, the Planetary stone for Libra

In ancient cultures certain gemstones were associated with particular planet's. Sapphire is the planetary stone for Libra because it is associated with Venus, which is the ruling planet of this zodiac. It is believed that if Libra’s wear sapphires they will receive positive effects.
Sapphires are expensive precious gemstones that are connected to the sky and planets. It helps Libra’s feel more connected to the universe, and brings inner peace, wisdom and truth.

Lapis lazuli

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli is a beautiful blue, gold and white stone. It is very spiritual, and offers Libra’s wisdom, good judgement, protection, and spiritual vision. Lapis lazuli is also the birthstone of September, so is particularly powerful for those born between 23rd - 30th September. Learn more about Lapis Lazuli's meaning and uses.

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Opals are a stone of inspiration. They enhance one's imagination and creativity.

Opals come in lots of different varieties, depending on where they’re grown underground in the world. Here’s a selection of some of the better known ones below:

  • Black Opal: From Lightning Ridge, New South Wales, Australia these black opals are natural black with firey flames of iridescent colors within them

  • Boulder Opal: These opals are ironstone or sandstone with cracks of opal within them.

  • Ethiopian Opal: A white opal with bright, almost neon iridescent colors.

  • Fire Opal: From Mexico, these fiery red, orange and yellow opals occasional have iridescent colors too.

  • Owyhee Blue Opal: A opaque pale blue, often banded opal from Oregon, USA.

  • Peruvian Opal: A common pink or blue opaque opal often with a black or brown matrix.

  • White Opal: The most familiar opal used in today’s jewellery design, white opal is white, yellow or cream with rainbow iridescent colors.

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Peridot is a beautifully green semi-precious stone known as the Stone of Friendship. It helps promote love and joy in one’s life and is thought to improve wealth and mental health.

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Which is your favourite Zodiac stone of Libra?


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