Mesmerising Malachite ūüíö The Stone Of Transformation, Protection And Unconditional Love!

Mesmerising Malachite ūüíö The Stone Of Transformation, Protection And Unconditional Love!

With its silky lustre and hypnotic swirls, it's easy to see why striking green malachite has been adored as a gemstone for centuries. Today we're exploring the healing energies of this mystical, marbled stone of protection, transformation and unconditional love.


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How And Where Malachite Is Formed

Malachite is a copper carbonate hydroxide mineral that forms in the earth's crust at shallow depths, occurring when carbonated water interacts with copper minerals. It is the copper content that is responsible for the stone's striking green colour, while the amount of water present as it forms dictates how light or dark the unmistakable agate-like banding and concentric swirls will be. 

Used as a gemstone for thousands of years, malachite is still a popular choice in jewellery today. It has also been used throughout history as a pigment, as it can be easily ground down to a powder and its vibrant colour is resistant to fading.

Some of the earliest malachite deposits to be mined were located in Egypt and Israel, with large deposits later discovered in Russia. Today most malachite is sourced from deposits in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. 


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Malachite Meanings, Properties And Energies

Known as a stone of transformation, malachite is believed to encourage positive change and risk-taking. The adventurous energies of this vibrant green crystal are said to inspire you to live your life more intensely.

An important crystal for protection, malachite is believed to absorb negative energies and pollutants. It is known to have a strong affinity with nature and the ability to heal earth energies.

Connected to the heart chakra, malachite is believed to open your heart to unconditional love and harmony. It is associated with Venus (the planet and the goddess) representing love, beauty and desire. 



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