November Birthstones – Citrine & Topaz

November Birthstones – Citrine & Topaz

November Birthstones – Citrine & Topaz

A magical month with the exciting feeling of change in the air, November is all about new beginnings and its birthstones; citrine and topaz fully fit the themes of soothing and starting afresh.

November’s two birthstones are similar in colour – ranging from autumnal orange to sun yellow and because of these similarities can easily be confused. However, there are clear differences between citrine and topaz, so we’ve put together a handy guide to help you to decipher them.


Taking its name from the citrus fruit, due to its golden, yellowy hues, striking citrine has been worn and adored since ancient times.

Due to its resemblance to topaz, many admirers believed that this precious quartz held the same properties as topaz (a calming and prosperous crystal). This saw many iconic groups throughout history utilise them, for example Egyptians used citrine for luck, Ancient Greeks carved their famous images into them and Roman priests made the gems into rings.

Since the 18th century, citrine has become even more popular in its own right and quickly became known as The Merchant’s Stone, as it’s thought to encourage and maintain wealth.

This striking stone is thought to carry the power of the sun, bringing energy, creativity and comfort. It is also the stone of imagination, manifestation, and personal will and turns negative thoughts, feelings and energy into positive ones.


Topaz is a well-known November birthstone and while many believe it to be yellow in colour, topaz is actually available in a variety of shades including green and blue. However, topaz which takes inspiration from the autumnal, browny-orange tone is still the most popular colour linked to November birthdays.

Known for its soothing, healing, stimulating and recharging properties, topaz is a powerful stone for manifesting. And, as it inspires creativity and increases attention, it is a great crystal for completing projects and seeing the bigger picture.

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