Soothe Your Emotions With The Gentle Loving Energies Of October Birthstone Pink Peruvian Opal.

Soothe Your Emotions With The Gentle Loving Energies Of October Birthstone Pink Peruvian Opal.

A nurturing stone of gentle love and kindness, October birthstone pink Peruvian opal has a soft, subtle energy that is believed to soothe your mind and soften your emotions. Read on to learn more about this pretty, pale pink love stone, and how it can help you let go of your emotional hang-ups and move forward feeling lighter and brighter!


How and where pink Peruvian opal is formed

Pink Peruvian opal (also known as pink Andean opal or pink Peru opal) until recently could only be found in the Andean mountain range in Peru, however deposits have now also been discovered in Western Australia. It is formed from a hydrated silica acid gel containing manganese, which solidifies after water loss. It is this manganese that is responsible for the black streaking that is sometimes seen throughout the stones.


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Pink Peruvian opal meanings, properties and energies

Believed to bring gentle love and kindness to all kinds of relationships, pink Peruvian opal has a nurturing energy that soothes the heart, mind and emotions. It is used to encourage the release of inhibitions and the letting go old wounds and traumas to inspire joy, creativity and self-love. The soothing, tranquil nature of this stone is also said to quiet the mind and promote sleep and happy dreams. 


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How to care for your pink Peruvian opal jewellery

Gently clean with warm, soapy water and a soft cloth. Pink Peruvian opal isn't a very hard stone so like all jewellery it should be handled with care, and stored separately in the box that it came in to protect it from damage and UV rays.


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