Pisces Zodiac Stones and their meanings

Pisces Zodiac Stones and their meanings

Pisces are born between 19th February to 20th March.

The Pisces is a special zodiac as it is the end of the zodiac cycle and the beginning of Spring. The symbol is two fish swimming in opposite directions, which is reflective of the emotional conflicts Pisces find themselves struggling with.

Pisces tend to seek harmony both within themselves and in the outer world. They're known for being highly sensitive, because of this they can hide themselves away from the outside world in order to protect themselves. As highly friendly and spiritually intuitive, they have a strong desire to help others and struggle to say no to people. Their emotional sensitivity translates beautifully into creative and artistic skills, as well as an empathic and compassionate nature.

The main Pisces zodiac stones are Amethyst and Aquamarine, but the following gemstones are also connected to this zodiac: Bloodstone, Fluorite, Jade, Crystal Quartz, Sapphire and Ruby. Find out more about these gems and how they are connected to Pisces zodiac sign below.


Natural Aquamarine Point Necklace Pisces Zodiac Stones and their meanings

Natural Aquamarine Point Necklace


As a water sign, Pisces is very closely connected to the water energies within aquamarine. Aquamarine helps harmonise and balance the emotional sensitive energies of Pisces. This crystal is a great mediation aid for Pisces as it helps promote their intuitive powers, and helps protect them from painful emotions they might experience through working with others.


Amethyst Crystal Triangle Necklace Pisces Zodiac Stones and their meanings

Amethyst Crystal Triangle Necklace

Amethyst helps aid the sensitive side of the Pisces zodiac and is supportive of their spirituality intuition. It aids self-reflection and helps Pisces pinpoint the centre of their dilemmas helping relieve any stress or pain. This protection crystal helps with spiritual protection and balancing their inner peace.

As the stone of sobriety, the amethyst crystal helps ground Pisces by protecting whilst helping others. It also helps protect them from relying on other sources of escapism to deal with the woes and trouble of others.


Bloodstone is a type of Jasper. It is used to help restore and rebuild the mind and body.

As pisces tend to be more spiritual than materialistic, bloodstone helps assist the pisces sign by bring a realistic perspective to their thought processes.


Fluorite is a multicoloured transparent crystal that is connected to the mind and air element.

Blue fluorite is especially connected to Pisces as it helps bring lightness to the Pisces sign's thoughts. As a harmonising, soothing crystal that balances the mind and heart of its wearer, it helps assist with processing new information and aids in achieving your maximum emotional and mental potential.


Jade is one of the oldest stones around today and is also one of the luckiest. It is a symbol of purity, tranquil wisdom, serenity, and nurturing. It acts as a good luck charm to an ambitious Pisces wearer.

Crystal Quartz


Small Crystal Quartz Point Necklace

As the master healing crystal, crystal quartz helps assist Pisces by uplifting the soul and cleansing and purifying the energy fields of the body. With meditation, it enhances their abilities to seek higher consciousness, which helps with assistant them find their purpose and answer any questions they might be seeking.



Sapphire Chip Bead Bar Bracelet

Sapphire is known as the Stone of Destiny and has been known as the symbol of loyalty and truth throughout history. They help pisces against negative thoughts, trust in their decisions and help attract abundance.



Ruby Bead Drop Choker

Ruby is the Stone of Nobility and is strongly connected to the sun. It is the Planetary stone for Pisces zodiac.

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