The Energising Red Crystals You'll Love For Vitality, Passion And Power! ❤️

The Energising Red Crystals You'll Love For Vitality, Passion And Power! ❤️

Often associated with passion, love and romance, red crystals also represent an intense, fiery energy believed to motivate courage and taking action. So today we're sharing our favourite warm and nurturing red crystals for restoring your vitality, passion and power!



A stone of leadership, freedom and personal power, sunstone is believed to encourage expanded consciousness and self-nurturing to help you to be of better service to others.
Sunstone Beaded Chain Choker Necklace


An energising stone of passion, protection and prosperity, ruby is known as the stone of nobility, and has been considered throughout history to be the most magnificent of all gems.

Handmade Ruby Gemstone Jewellery


A stone of regeneration, garnet is named after the latin word for "seed" because of its similarity to a pomegranate seed. It is believed to bestow, vitality and order into your life.
Garnet Bead Drop Choker



A motivating crystal of courage and creativity, fiery sunset red carnelian is believed to inspire you to take action and turn your deepest desires into reality.
Handmade Carnelian Gemstone Jewellery

Pink Tourmaline

A cheerful stone of love, joy and happiness, pink tourmaline is believed to carry a strong feminine yin vibration. Connected to the heart chakra, it is used to lighten emotional and mood related problems.


Do you have a favourite red crystal? Let us know in the comments, and discover our range of handmade jewellery designs available in these 5 energising and empowering red crystals plus many more!



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