The Rose Quartz Crystal Combinations For Enhancing The Love In Your Life! 💕

The Rose Quartz Crystal Combinations For Enhancing The Love In Your Life! 💕

January birthstone rose quartz with its gentle, loving energy harmonises well with most gems, but today we’re sharing our 6 favourite rose quartz crystal combinations to take its love enhancing powers to the next level! 


Rose Quartz and GarnetFor romance and intimacy 

January Birthstones rose quartz and garnet are a match made in relationship heaven. Believed to encourage regeneration and vitality, garnet pairs beautifully with loving rose quartz to enhance the romance and intimacy in your relationship.


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Rose Quartz and AmazoniteFor self-love and confidence

Named after the powerful women of the Amazon, amazonite is used to manifest universal love and kindness. Combined with the loving energies of rose quartz it is believed to encourage confidence, empowerment and self-love. 


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Rose Quartz and Lapis LazuliFor loyalty and wisdom

Known to stimulate wisdom and aid good judgment, lapis lazuli is believed to pair perfectly with the stone of unconditional love to bring truth and harmony to relationships.


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Rose Quartz and CarnelianFor courage and passion

Carnelian is known as the go-to crystal for healing the sacral chakra, your centre of emotional balance, creativity and passion. When paired with the ‘love stone’ rose quartz it is thought enhance passion and sensuality.


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Rose Quartz and AmethystFor aligning the heart and mind

An excellent combination for aligning the crown and heart chakras, amethyst when paired with rose quartz is believed to facilitate deeper, more spiritual love. It is also said to regulate the attraction that rose quartz is known to generate.


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Rose Quartz and CitrineFor joy and positivity

Combining rose quartz with the warm, bright energy of citrine is believed to help you attract more love, joy, happiness into your life.


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Do you have a favourite crystal combination? Let us know in the comments, and discover our range of handmade crystal jewellery designs available in these crystal combinations plus many other genuine gemstones!


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