Sagittarius zodiac stones and their meanings

Sagittarius zodiac stones and their meanings

Sagittarius zodiac stones & their meanings

Sagittarius birthday girls are born between 23rd November and 21st December.

Enthusiastic, curious and honest, wanderlust Sagittarius’ are always looking for new adventures and so it’s no surprise that Sagittarius zodiac stones promote protection, vision and strength to support them as they roam and experience the world around them.

Sagittarius zodiac stones include amethyst, ruby, turquoise and lapis lazuli. Read more about these beautiful stones and their meanings, below.

Amethyst Sagittarius Zodiac Stone

Amethyst natural point necklace


Pretty purple amethyst makes for a perfect Sagittarius zodiac stone as it is calming, soul-soothing and enhances patience – ideal for these adventurous go-getters, who are always planning their next steps. Amethyst has been one of the most adored crystals for thousands of years, and for good reason too. With its traits of tranquillity, Sagittarius zodiac stone amethyst bestows peace, stability and strength, giving Sagittarius’ balance in their ever-busy lives. Amethyst is also a stone linked to meditation, which makes it an ideal gift for forever-thinking-ahead Sagittarius’ to bring them back to enjoy the magic of the present moment. 

Ruby Sagittarius Zodiac Stone

Tiny ruby teardrop necklace


Renowned as one of the most wondrous of all crystals and also known as The Stone of Nobility, deep rich red ruby is a magical gem for Sagittarius’ to wear all year round. As it’s a crystal linked to passion, motivation and wealth, ruby encourages determined Sagittarius’ to dream bigger and reach for their goals. This stunning zodiac stone also brings protection to Sagittarius’ as they embark on their adventures around Mother Earth.

Turquoise Sagittarius Zodiac Stone

Tiny turquoise teardrop necklace  


A magical mix of blue and green hues, turquoise brings tranquillity to Sagittarius’ lives; just like the dreamy seas of their far-flung adventures. And, like the refreshing clarity that time spent exploring the world around us brings, turquoise releases calmness to its wearers. It’s also a stone that has been linked with protection since ancient times (and was favoured by warriors and kings for this reason), as well and strength and love, making turquoise a meaningful gift for bohemian Sagittarius travellers.

Lapis lazuli Sagittarius Zodiac Stone

Lapis lazuli natural point necklace

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli is an enchanting Sagittarius zodiac stone as its rich midnight blue colour teamed with gold flecks are reminiscent of a starry night’s sky – making it a bewitching and magical stone to wear. But it’s not just its striking colour that has seen lapis lazuli become one of the most desired stones throughout history – it’s a crystal that has many benefits, including bestowing truth and friendship and promoting harmony in relationships, as well as protection. Lapis lazuli is a spiritual stone, linked to intuitive and psychic awareness, which makes it a wonderful stone for Sagittarius’ to wear – allowing them to explore other realms through meditation.

Sagittarius girls, which zodiac stone do you prefer – amethyst, ruby, turquoise or lapis lazuli?

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