Scorpio zodiac stones & their meanings

Scorpio zodiac stones & their meanings

Scorpio zodiac stone jewellery

Scorpio birthday girls are born between 24th October and 22nd November.

Mysterious, strong-willed, passionate and loyal, Scorpio’s are a magical mix of strong personalities, making them great friends to have.

To complement their exciting and varied range of traits, Scorpio’s have four stunning zodiac stones associated with their zodiac sign; aquamarine, garnet, ruby and amethyst.

Aquamarine Scorpio Zodiac Stone Jewellery


From the Latin (aqua marinus) meaning "water of the sea”, mystical aquamarine is the colour of tranquil seas. In ancient times, aquamarine was believed to be the treasure of mermaids and good luck and protection charms for sailors. Today, the precious stone is still deeply connected to the magic of the sparkling seas as it is calming, soothing and cleansing – just like sunny days spent lazily, close to the lapping shore. Aquamarine also inspires truth, trust and letting go when worn by Scorpios. It is still used by Scorpios embarking on adventures as protection.   

Garnet Scorpio Zodiac Stone Jewellery


Gorgeous rich red gemstone garnet is a beautiful stone for Scorpios to wear, especially around their birthday as it’s reminiscent of autumnal falling leaves. The pretty pomegranate stone takes its name from the Latin for seed – not only for its similarity to a pomegranate seed but for its connections to personal growth and regeneration. Garnet is a stunning stone for Scorpio’s to wear to re-evaluate and organise their life as they enter another year.   

Ruby Scorpio Zodiac Stone Jewellery


Known as one of the most magnificent of all gems, all over the world, ruby is a powerful zodiac stone for Scorpios. The Stone of Nobility, powerful ruby, brings protection to its wearers, making it a meaningful birthday gift. Possessing passion, ruby encourages Scorpios to go after their dreams, motivating them to set goals, enhancing a positive state of mind and aids in retaining wealth.

Amethyst Scorpio Zodiac Stone Jewellery


Meditative and calming amethyst is a wonderful zodiac stone for Scorpios as it soothes the soul and emotions. A crystal that has been loved since ancient times, beautiful purple amethyst is still a favoured stone to wear as it brings peace, stability and strength and provides always busy Scorpios with a sense of balance and patience.

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Aquamarine, garnet, ruby or amethyst: which is your favourite Scorpio zodiac stone?


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