The different opals and their meanings

The different opals and their meanings

The different opals and their meanings

Opals are the birthstone of October and the zodiac stone for Aquarius (21st January - 18th February) and Libra (23rd Sept - 23rd Oct).

Opals get their name from the ancient Indian philosophical word for precious stone. There are a variety of different opals available that are formed all over the world. Some are more precious than others. Here is a list of some of the best known and popular opals available today along with their meanings and uses:

Black Opal

These black opals are often dark grey, brown or blue with flickers of rainbow iridescent colors in them. These are rare, precious opals and are only usually found in Lightning Ridge, New South Wales, Australia. Black Opals are thought to be very uplifting and bring lucky energies. They’re used to help overcome depression and hopelessness, and bring light into ones life. Black opals are connected to the root and crown chakras. It’s a powerful magnifier for manifestation and intention because it connects your highest spiritual aspirations and helps you make them a reality. They have been used to see into the past, present and future, and help you see the truth and intent of others. Black opals are connected to storms and the fire elements.

Boulder Opal

These opals are formed within cracks of ironstone or sandstone. Each opal is completely unique because no two could ever look the same. They’re usually brown with white cracks and that have iridescent colors. These are precious opals that are usually mined in Queensland, Australia. These opal are very connected to nature, and they carry earth and fire energies. They help practical people connect with the spiritual world and develop their spiritual needs, and they help spiritual people success in the practical world. They’re great for those who have a rich sense of adventure but who need to settle down and grow their roots someplace, as they help them find the adventure in the every day.

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Ethiopia, where the Ethiopian Opal is found.

Ethiopian Opal

These opals come in a variety of different colours and hail from Ethiopia. They are one of the most readily available precious opals on the market. They’re popular for engagement rings and make a fantastic alternative to the diamond. These opal have stunning flashes of colour in them, and are able to change colour, transparency and absorb water. They’re connected to the water element and being still, quiet strengthening energies, just like a still quiet lake. Red and brown Ethiopian opals are connected to the fire element and help restore karma and help with rebirth. They increase metaphysical gifts and allow us to see into the past, present and future.

Fire Opal

These are fiery red, yellow and orange opals from Mexico that are usually solid in colour, but do occasionally have iridescent colors too. The iridescent version of these opals are known as Precious Fire Opals. Fire Opals help awake passion, from sexual to spiritual. They help you express your emotions through the arts. They are thought to help increase financial gain in business endeavors and help encourage change and progress. They’re connected to the base and sacral chakras.

Owyhee Blue Opal necklaces

Owyhee Blue Opal

These are light blue opaque opals from the ancient Indian Owyhee springs in Oregon, USA that have a banded design. Owyhee blue opals are thought to be connected to your spiritual guides and have strong celestial energies. They are used as dream stones that help encourage metaphysical abilities, intuition and communication with the spiritual world. They are connected with water energies and help utilise the calm, stillness of water. They are used to help overcome shyness, fears, failure, confusion and indecisiveness. They are connected to the Throat and Third Eye Chakras. They help with verbal communication, and bring confidence to one posture, voice and character.

Pink Peruvian Opal bead bar necklaces

Peruvian Opal

These are readily available pink or blue opaque opals that are formed in Peru and the Andres. They can also have a pearly sheen to them and have a black or brown matrix pattern on them too. These opals were seen as gifts from the Inca Goddess of Mother Earth and was used to help sooth the mind and emotions. In crystal healing these opals are used to heal old emotional wounds and to bring inner peace. They encourage communication from the heart and help promote awareness to heal and protect the earth. In mediation they’re used to enhance metaphysical gifts and encourage a mild hypnotic state. They’re connected to the heart and throat chakras and are connected to the water element.

Pink Peruvian Opal teardrop necklace

White Opal

This precious white, cream or yellow opal with rainbow iridescent colors is mostly found in Australia and is also often used for engagement rings. These gemstones are rich in happy energies, bringing good humour, imagination, enthusiasm and creativity to the wearer.

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