Embrace Life’s Ebbs And Flows With White Moonstone And Its Soothing, Lunar Energy! 🌙

Embrace Life’s Ebbs And Flows With White Moonstone And Its Soothing, Lunar Energy! 🌙

Shimmering with a mystical lunar glow, white moonstone is believed to have a strong connection to the magic of the moon. Known as the ‘dream stone’, it is said to represent hope, inspiration and new beginnings. Read on to learn more about this protective crystal and how it can help you roll with the tides and settle into the natural rhythms of life!

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How and where white moonstone is formed

Most commonly found in India, Sri Lanka and here in Australia, white moonstone is a feldspar mineral occurring in milky, translucent shades of white, cream and off-white. Named for its moon-like glow, it displays an opalescent shimmer that can be attributed to alternating layers of feldspars weaving through each other as the crystal forms.

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White moonstone throughout history

For thousands of years moonstone has been associated with the magic and power of the moon. Ancient Romans linked this shimmering stone to the Moon Goddess Diana, believing it would bring love and success. It was considered a symbol of love in Hindu tradition also, and portrayed as a magical “dream stone” that would bring serene dreams and clear visions. A traditional wedding gift in India, moonstone was believed to bring good luck and allow lovers to see their future when placed in the mouth during a full moon. Often referred to as the “Traveller’s Stone,” moonstone has also been used as a protective talisman for those travelling at night.


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White moonstone meanings, properties and uses

A stone of new beginnings, reflection and intuition, moonstone is believed to have a strong connection to the magic of the moon. This lunar association reminds us to go with the flow and follow the natural rhythms of life, just as the waves roll with the tides. One for the dreamers, this shimmering birthstone for June is said to soothe emotional stress and instability, bringing hope, protection, inspiration and open-mindedness.


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