Harness The Healing, Harmonious Energy Of August Birthstone Peridot ūüíö

Harness The Healing, Harmonious Energy Of August Birthstone Peridot ūüíö

Known as the stone of friendship, glistening green peridot is believed to help heal relationships and increase the love, joy and harmony in your life. It's also the birthstone for August, so if you or someone special is celebrating a birthday this month our handmade peridot jewellery is the perfect gift idea!


How and where Peridot is formed

Historically known as olivine, peridot is named after the Arabic word for ‚Äėgem‚Äô. Formed deep in the earth‚Äôs crust it¬†usually appears in igneous rock as a result of volcanic activity, but in rare cases these celestial stones have also been recovered from meteorites that have fallen to the Earth from space! The main sources of peridot around the world include the United states, Brazil, Egypt, Ireland, Russia, Sri Lanka and the Canary Islands.¬†

Generally a yellowish-green, the colour of peridot can vary significantly from one stone to another depending on the level of iron in its structure.


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Peridot throughout history

A stone with a rich history, peridot was highly coveted by the ancient Egyptians who described it as the ‚Äėgem of the sun‚Äô. They associated the stone with light, believing it offered protection from darkness and evil.¬† Some historians have even suggested that Cleopatra‚Äôs famous collection of emeralds was actually a collection of peridot stones.

This confusion continued in medieval times with people often mistaking peridot for emerald. The 200-ct. gemstones adorning the shrine of the Three Holy Kings in  Cologne Cathedral in Germany were for centuries believed to be emerald, when they were in fact peridot.

Peridot’s appeal has endured over time, legend has it that Napoleon Bonaparte gifted peridot jewellery to his Josephine as a symbol of his eternal love for her, and Catholic bishops still wear it to this day as a symbol of morality and purity.


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Peridot meanings and uses.

Known as the stone of friendship, peridot is believed to improve your emotional health and increases the love and joy in your life. It is thought to enhance the healing and harmony of relationships while alleviating jealousy, resentment, spite and anger.

A visionary crystal to help you to discover your spiritual purpose, peridot motivates you to make changes in your life that are necessary for you to move forward and grow.


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How to care for your Peridot jewellery

Always store your peridot jewellery separately in the box that it came in to protect it from damage. Gently clean with warm, soapy water and a soft cloth.


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Is peridot a favourite crystal of yours? Let us know in the comments, and discover our range of handmade crystal jewellery designs available in peridot (perfect for August birthdays) and many other genuine gemstones!



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