Our Mission

At Luna Tide, our mission is to create handcrafted crystal jewelley that fosters a deep connection to the universe and facilitates personal healing.

Inspired by our founder Sarah's transformative journey, we strive to empower individuals to find solace, growth, and inner peace through the beauty and magic of crystals.

As a proud advocate for female empowerment, Luna Tide is committed to creating creative job opportunities for women in the Gold Coast region.

Each unique piece is designed to resonate with the wearer, serving as a reminder of the powerful connection that exists between nature, the cosmos, and our own personal journeys.

Our Values

Made to order

Our jewelry is proud to be made to order from our studio


All our jewellery is handmade to order by our team of creative makers

Genuine Gemstones

All our jewellery is made using genuine gemstones

Meet the Founder: Sarah's Journey from Loss to Luna Tide

Sarah, the creative force behind Luna Tide, has always had a deep connection with the natural world. Her story is one of loss, transformation, and ultimately, the power of connection.

As a child, Sarah lost her father suddently and tragically. The pain and void left by his absence led her on a quest to find solace and understanding. As she sought to reconnect with the universe and her father's spirit, Sarah discovered the mystical world of crystals.

Fascinated by their diverse colors, shapes, and energy, Sarah quickly fell in love with these natural wonders. She found solace in the vibrations emanating from each crystal, feeling a profound connection to the earth and the universe. It was during this time that she realised the potential of crystals to help others find comfort and healing during their own personal journeys.

With a newfound purpose, Sarah embarked on a mission to create beautiful, handcrafted crystal jewellery that could bring people closer to the universe and their own inner peace. And so, Luna Tide was born.

Today, Luna Tide is a thriving handmade crystal brand, offering an array of exquisite pieces designed to inspire and empower. Each piece is lovingly crafted by our small team of artisans or by Sarah herself, imbued with her passion for nature and the transformative power of crystals.

Sarah's journey with Luna Tide has not only brought her personal healing, but has also allowed her to touch the lives of countless others. By creating jewellery that fosters connection and spiritual growth, she continues to share the beauty and magic of crystals with the world.

Our offerings

Complimentary gift box

All jewellery comes packaged in a complimentary gift box with a fact card about your crystal

Eco-friendly packaging

We package our jewellery in biodegradable packaging to protect your jewellery and the planet


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