Frequently Asked Questions

We're always happy to answer any questions you might have at Luna Tide! We've shared the answers to all of our frequently asked questions below but if you have a question that isn't answered here feel free to reach us on or by using the contact form at the bottom of this page.


How do I care for my jewellery?

All jewellery is delicate, so please handle it with care.
Store your jewellery in the gift box and zip lock bag it arrives in. This will protect it against damage, moisture and UV rays (which can affect certain crystals).
To keep your jewellery looking its best please do not get your jewellery wet. Avoid wearing with creams and perfumes and always take off before showering. Jewellery can be cleaned by gently polishing with a dry cloth.
Jewellery care instructions are also included in the box.

Can I get my jewellery wet?

Yes your jewellery can get wet and it won't ruin it however we do recommend removing before swimming and showering. This is because soap, dirt and water may get trapped in the gap between the crystal and the wire and if you have a transparent or transulsent crystal you may be able to see this. You will also need to polish sterling silver jewellery after exposing to water to remove any tarnish that naturally occures with this metal. Ensure you also wipe down your jewellery after swimming to remove any chlorine.

What metals do you make your designs in?

We make our designs in bronze, stainless steel, sterling silver and 14k gold filled.

Are your chains adjustable?

Yes all our necklaces, bracelets and anklets are adjustable with a 2-inch long extender chain

Is your jewellery hypoallergenic?

Yes all our jewellery made in sterling silver, 14k gold fill and stainless steel is hypoallergenic

Is your jewellery nickle safe?

Yes all our jewellery is lead and nickel free

What is the difference between plated, sterling silver and gold fill jewellery?

  • Plated jewellery is a thin layer of sterling silver or gold metal plated over a brass metal base. We do not offer plated jewellery currently as find it not as good quality as other alternatives out there.
  • Sterling silver is .925 silver with a .075 copper additive. It is a more affordable version of real silver. Sterling silver is more suitable for people with sensitive skin and is more tarnish resistant than silver plated jewellery.
  • Gold fill is a thick layer of gold that has been bonded over a base metal. It is an affordable alternative to solid gold that is durable, tarnish resistant and wearable for people with sensitive skin. You can wear gold fill jewellery daily unlike plated jewellery.

Can you tell me about the different metals?

    • 14k Gold Fill: Hypoallergenic. Gold filled jewellery is an affordable alternative to solid gold that is durable, tarnish resistant and wearable for people with sensitive skin. It is made with a thick layer of gold that has been bonded over a base metal. The thick layer will never wear off. It will not tarnish.
      • Sterling Silver: Hypoallergenic. Sterling silver is .925 silver with a .075 copper additive. It is an affordable version of pure silver. Sterling silver is suitable for people with sensitive skin. Being real silver it will tarnish in humid conditions but it can be cleaned to restore it back to its original quality. It is best suited to those who do not live in a humid climate and who take their jewellery off before showering.
  • Stainless Steel: Hypoallergenic. Stainless steel is a dark silver colour but is made from solid, medical grade stainless steel. It is durable, will not tarnish and is low maintenance. It is ideal if you live in a humid climate (as it won't ever tarnish) or you want to wear your jewellery all the time (including in the shower!). It's perfect to wear to the beach, is hypoallergenic, and suits all skin tones.
  • 14k Rose Gold Fill: Rose gold filled jewellery is very pretty, durable, tarnish resistant, and wearable for people with sensitive skin. It is made with a thick layer of rose gold (which is a combination of solid gold, silver and copper) that has been bonded over a base metal. The thick layer will never wear off. It will not tarnish.
  • Bronze: Bronze jewellery is bronze plated over brass. It is strong, durable and has an antique look and feel to it. The bronze plating may wear off over time exposing the brass base metal, which is a similar colour so as your jewellery ages it will develop a more rustic feel. It isn't suitable for sensitive skin as it isn't hypoallergenic like our other metals.

Are your workplaces ethical?

Yes our jewellery is proudly all ethically handmade in-house in our studio in the Gold Coast. We abide by Australian and European working standards.

Are your crystals ethically sourced?

Environment and ethics are also important to us too and we do our best to ask questions from our suppliers before working with them. There is currently no international certification scheme when it comes to crystal mining however (like there is with diamonds) so we can't tell you that they are ethically sourced as there is no way of knowing for sure. The truth is no one can truely claim their crystals are ethically sourced unless they mine their own crystals from their own mines. If you do wish to buy from a store that claims to have ethically sourced crystals please ensure that they are able to provide you with the evidence of this and have had their claims verified by a third party who has audited all stages of the mining and labour process, otherwise you can't guarantee their claims are true. We are currently working towards doing this with our own suppliers.

Is your jewellery suitable for children/babies?

We do not recommend using any of our jewellery for small children or babies as our designs are made using small parts.

Custom requests

Can you make me a custom piece?

Please view our personalised jewellery collection for all available customisation options. Any customisations beyond those available are unable to be offered at this time.

Can you make the bracelet/anklet the perfect size for me?

Yes we can make it a custom size for you if you order order from the custom collections where you can choose a custom length from the options.


How to send a gift directly to someone

To send a gift directly to the gift recipient please put their address as the delivery address when you checkout. There is no extra charge for this service as the shipping cost is calculated to their address only.

To include a message to the gift recipient include your note in the message box on checkout which will be displayed on the order packing slip and on a handwritten note inside the jewellery box.

Gift wrapping

All jewellery is individually presented in a Luna Tide branded gift box.

Gift wrap is available as an option extra. You will see the tick box on each product page to gift wrap the item.


Do you offer free shipping?

Yes! You can get free express shipping on all AU orders over $100. Discount is automatically applied at checkout.

Where are items shipped from?

All orders are made to order and shipped from Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. Sometimes we have ready to ship stock of some designs available in the UK & USA and in those cases we'll ship the item from the warehouse closest to you.

How long will my item take to ship?

Please view our shipping info to get the most accurate shipping and processing times.

How do I track my order?

If you've opted for tracked shipping you'll receive tracking information via email once your order has dispatched.

Will I get charged customs and import taxes?

All international buyers are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply. By law we are required to declare the correct amount on the customs declare form.

How is my order packaged?

We individually present each jewellery item in it's own Luna Tide branded jewellery box along with a fact card about the crystal and jewellery care instructions. The jewellery box is then sealed in a biodegradable bag to protect it from the elements. Your order arrives protected in a recyclable paper padded mailer.

Returns & exchanges

What is the return policy?

You can view the returns policy here.

How do I make a return?

If you'd like to make a return please use our returns portal to make a return request. You'll just need your email address and order number.

If I return my jewellery will I get a refund back to my card or store credit?

You'll get to choose. When you make your return you'll have the option to return for a refund back to original payment method or you can choose store credit.

Do you offer exchanges for a different size/gemstone?

Yes we do! Please visit our returns portal to make a exchange request.

Is there a warranty?

We will happily replace items if they are defective or damaged on arrival, but as all jewellery is delicate we're unable to cover accidental loss, damages or changes in appearance due to normal wear or rough handling.

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