Celebrate the Wild & Wonderful Journey of Motherhood with these Nurturing Crystals for Mothers ūüíē

Celebrate the Wild & Wonderful Journey of Motherhood with these Nurturing Crystals for Mothers ūüíē

Just like a rollercoaster, motherhood can be full of ups and downs. So today we’re sharing our favourite supportive crystals to help you to slow down and take in the magical moments and face the inevitable challenges with confidence.


Rose Quartz: For unconditional love.

This pretty pink crystal is known as the stone of unconditional love and infinite peace. It opens the heart chakra and teaches you the true essence of love, enhancing it in every situation. Rose quartz gently dispels negative energy allowing you to focus on the joy of motherhood, even through the inevitable tough times. Calming and reassuring, it reminds you to love, trust and forgive yourself. Wear it close to your heart to feel its loving energy.


Rose Quartz Crystal Generator Point Pendant Necklace


Crystal Quartz: For clarity and healing.

A¬†wonderful stone for mothers who often find themselves too busy nurturing others to nurture themselves. Crystal quartz is known as the ‚Äėmaster healer‚Äô and is considered to be one of the most powerful healing and energising crystals on the planet. Crystal quartz clears your mind and assists with concentration and memory, particularly beneficial for new mothers experiencing fatigue, sleep depravation and the dreaded ‚Äėbaby brain‚Äô!


Crystal quartz Chip Bead Bar Bracelet
Crystal quartz Chip Bead Bar Bracelet


Emerald: For patience and inspiration.

Known for bringing goodness into your life,¬†this sparkling green stone of ‚Äėsuccessful love‚Äô is said to bring inspiration and infinite patience, and if there's one thing every mother needs it's infinite patience! The emerald is also the birthstone of May, which we in Australia along with¬†many other countries throughout the world associate with Mother‚Äôs Day.


Tiny Emerald Teardrop Necklace


Moonstone: For hope and intuition.

A stone of reflection and intuition, moonstone’s strong connection to the power of the moon reminds us that everything is part of a cycle of growth and change, encouraging us to go with the flow and appreciate each precious, fleeting moment. Known as the dream stone, it brings hope, inspiration and open-mindedness, calming and stabilising the emotions and protecting you from unwanted energies.


Tiny Rainbow Moonstone Bead Hoop Earrings
Tiny Rainbow Moonstone Bead Hoop Earrings


Amethyst: For calm and inner peace.

Soothing amethyst is known to balance and centre the emotions, calming or stimulating the mind when needed to provide strength and inner peace. One of the most spiritual stones, it stimulates the third eye chakra enhancing intuition and encouraging spiritual wisdom, awareness and protection. As an added bonus (and perhaps all Mum really wants for Mother's Day!) amethyst is also believed to promote a restful sleep.

Smooth Purple Amethyst Natural Point Crystal Necklace

Smooth Purple Amethyst Natural Point Crystal Necklace


Black Onyx: For strength, stamina and perseverance.

Beneficial for new mothers and at every stage of parenthood, onyx provides the strength, stamina and support needed to endure even the most difficult and challenging times. It is said to ease both mental and physical stress, alleviating overwhelming fears and worries and improving self-confidence, self-control and decision-making skills.



Do you use these or any other crystals for help and support as a mother? Let us know in the comments, and explore our range of handmade jewellery designs available in these 6 nurturing gemstones for mothers plus many more!



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