Enhance The Spiritual Energy Of February’s Powerful Purple Birthstone With These Amethyst Crystal Combinations 💜

Enhance The Spiritual Energy Of February’s Powerful Purple Birthstone With These Amethyst Crystal Combinations 💜

February birthstone amethyst is said to enhance your intuition and encourage spiritual wisdom, awareness and protection, so today we’re sharing our 6 favourite amethyst crystal combinations to compliment the soothing energies of this powerful purple crystal!


Amethyst and Rose Quartz: For aligning your head with your heart


The perfect and prettiest combination for aligning the crown and heart chakras, amethyst when paired with rose quartz is said to encourage deeper, more spiritual love towards yourself and others.


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Amethyst and Black Tourmaline: For spiritual protection

A highly protective pairing, grounding black tourmaline is believed to keep negative energy at bay, while amethyst is said to shield you from psychic attack.


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Amethyst and Crystal Quartz: For emotional clarity

Both strongly connected to the crown chakra, the energies of amethyst and crystal quartz combined are believed to promote mental, spiritual and emotional clarity.


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Amethyst and Citrine: For manifesting happiness and success

The soothing energies of amethyst paired with the motivating glow of joyous citrine are said to facilitate mindful manifestation and prosperity.


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Amethyst and Smoky Quartz: For grounded and balanced emotions


Known to soothe or stimulate the mind as needed, amethyst when combined with the grounding energies of smoky quartz is thought to promote emotional balance and stability.


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Amethyst and Labradorite: For heightened consciousness and intuition


With connections to the crown and third eye chakras, the combined energies of spiritual amethyst and magical labradorite are believed to enhance your intuition and facilitate higher states of awareness.


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Do you have a favourite amethyst crystal combination? Let us know in the comments, and discover our range of handmade crystal jewellery designs available in these crystal combinations plus many other genuine gemstones!


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