Be Bold and Take Action with Fierce and Fiery Carnelian! ☀️

Be Bold and Take Action with Fierce and Fiery Carnelian! ☀️

Warm and intense like a fiery sunset, carnelian has a grounding yet stimulating energy that can provide you with the motivation, vitality and courage you need to cast your doubts and fears aside and take action! 🙌⁠ 


Handmade Carnelian Jewellery


How and where is Carnelian formed

A member of the chalcedony family, carnelians vibrant, burnt orange-red colour occurs when iron oxide impurities are present when the quartz crystal is formed. It is most commonly found in Britain, India, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Peru, Iceland, and Romania.


Carnelian Gemstone Teardrop Dangle Earrings


Carnelian throughout history

Carnelian has been used for protection and inspiration since ancient times. It was worn as amulets by ancient warriors to bring courage and strength in battle. Ancient Egyptians believed it could stimulate love, passion and fertility, and protect the dead in their journey to the afterlife. It was also used in ancient times (and is still used today) to help timid speakers find their voice.


Carnelian Bead Drop Choker
Carnelian Bead Drop Choker


Carnelian meanings, properties and energies

Just like a captivating sunset, carnelian is a soul-stirrer, its red hot energy motivating and inspiring you to take bold action and turn your deepest desires into reality. Both an energy booster and stabiliser, it restores passion and vitality while grounding and anchoring you to reality.
Carnelian stimulates creativity and sharpens concentration, perception and decisiveness. Known as ‘the actor’s stone’ it is useful for dramatic pursuits, providing courage and confidence and helping performers and public speakers to become bold and eloquent.
Carnelian protects against envy, anger and resentment, banishing negative thoughts and emotions and replacing them with a love and zest for life. It can also help you to accept the cycle of life and overcome any fears of death.


Carnelian Chip Bead Bar Bracelet
Carnelian Chip Bead Bar Bracelet


Cleansing and charging your carnelian crystals

Carnelian is one of the few stones with the superpower to cleanse others, which means that it needs regular cleansing itself to dispel the negative energy that it absorbs. Hold your carnelian crystals under running tap water to clean and cleanse, and let the rays of the sun or moon charge them.


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