Be inspired by the motivating energies of our 6 favourite crystals for ambition! 🙌

Be inspired by the motivating energies of our 6 favourite crystals for ambition! 🙌

We all need courage, passion and sometimes maybe even a little luck to achieve our goals. So today we’re sharing our favourite motivating crystals for ambition to help inspire you to follow your dreams!


CitrineFor manifestation and prosperity

Known as 'The Merchant’s Stone', citrine is believed to help you attract and maintain wealth and prosperity. Renowned for its ability to attract success and positivity, it is an excellent crystal for motivation and manifestation.


Citrine Mini Double Terminated Crystal Point Pendant Necklace and  Citrine Double Terminated Mini Crystal Point Bracelet


SapphireFor fulfilling your destiny

A seeker of spiritual truth, blue sapphire is said to bring peace, tranquility, and faith in yourself to find your spiritual path and fulfil your destiny.


Handmade Sapphire Jewellery


AventurineFor luck and opportunity 

Full of winning energy, green aventurine is a positive stone used for manifesting prosperity, wealth and abundance. It is believed to provide good fortune and opportunities to help you to create your own luck.


Aventurine Crystal Triangle Necklace


Crystal QuartzFor amplifying intentions

Crystal quartz is a stone of clarity, believed to clear your thoughts and help you to identify where you want to go in life and how to get there. An excellent stone for manifestation, it is said to supercharge your intentions and help keep you on your chosen path. 


Handmade Crystal Quartz Jewellery 


CarnelianFor courage and motivation

Carnelian's red hot energy is said to motivate and inspire you to take bold action and turn your deepest desires into reality. Both an energy booster and stabiliser, it restores passion and vitality while grounding and anchoring you to reality.


Tiny Carnelian Teardrop Necklace and Carnelian Gemstone Teardrop Dangle Earrings


EmeraldFor reviving passion

Glistening green emerald is believed to revive passion in not only your love life but also your career, hobby or wherever it may be lacking. A stone of inspiration, intuition and vision, it is said to help you focus your intentions and bring about positive action in your life. 

 Handmade Emerald Jewellery


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Our handmade genuine gemstone jewellery is available to order in each of these six crystals for ambition plus many more. Which is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!


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