Live Your Best Life With These Crystals For Letting Go & Moving Forward

Live Your Best Life With These Crystals For Letting Go & Moving Forward

Are you holding on to something that no longer serves you? Are negative thoughts, feelings or habits preventing you from growing and thriving? As we head into the final weeks of 2021, now is the time to surrender anything holding you back from living your best life in the new year. So today we’re sharing our 6 favourite crystals for letting go and moving forward! 🙌⁠


Smoky Quartz: For absorbing negative energy

This detoxifying and highly protective crystal is believed to gently neutralise negative vibrations and encourage you to leave anything that no longer serves you behind. The perfect stone to use when you are feeling overwhelmed and chaotic, smoky quartz it is thought to bring a sense of stability and security. 


Dainty Smoky Quartz Lariat Necklace


Aquamarine: For cleansing and calm


Symbolising the soothing spirit of the sea, aquamarine's calming energies are believed to reduce stress and quiet the mind. A useful stone for cleansing and closure, it is used to help bring unfinished business to a conclusion. Associated with the throat chakra, aquamarine is said to give you the courage to express yourself and speak your truth.


Blue Aquamarine Gemstone Bead Drop Hoop Earrings


Howlite: For releasing unwanted emotions

Known as the stone of awareness, howlite is believed to prepare the wearer for wisdom. An extremely calming stone, it is used to release unwanted feelings and old emotional pain.


Howlite Chip Bead Bar Bracelet


Amazonite: For truth, strength and courage

Named after the powerful Amazon women, amazonite is known as the stone of courage and truth. Representing kindness, peace, creativity, and love, it is said to soothe the spirit and calm the soul.


Smooth Green Amazonite Natural Point Crystal Necklace


Rainbow Moonstone: For hope, inspiration and new beginnings


A stone of new beginnings, reflection and intuition, moonstone is believed to have a strong connection to the magic of the moon. This lunar association encourages us to go with the flow and follow the natural rhythms of life, just as the waves roll with the tides. 


Rainbow Moonstone Mini Double Terminated Crystal Point Dangle Drop Earrings


Chrysoprase: For growth and openness to new situations


Believed to attract new love, joy, happiness and prosperity into your life, chrysoprase with its calming and positive energies is said to encourage growth and openness to new situations.


Tiny Chrysoprase Teardrop Necklace


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