Connect With Your Most Sensual, Creative And Passionate Self With These Crystals For The Sacral Chakra! 🧡

Connect With Your Most Sensual, Creative And Passionate Self With These Crystals For The Sacral Chakra! 🧡

The sacral chakra is said to be your centre of emotional balance, creativity and passion. So today on our journal we’re sharing our favourite crystals to help you connect with your most sensual, creative and passionate self!


CarnelianFor creative energy and courage

Warm and intense like a fiery sunset, carnelian is considered the go-to crystal for healing the sarcral chakra. Believed to have a grounding yet stimulating energy, it is thought to enhance motivation, creativity, vitality and courage, inspiring you to take bold action and turn your deepest desires into reality.


Carnelian Crystal Generator Point Pendant Necklace



CitrineFor joy and personal will

The golden hues of citrine are believed to embody the power of the sun, bringing warmth, joy, energy and comfort. Believed to attract success and positivity, it is an excellent crystal for motivation and manifestation. This highly creative stone is also said to enhance your imagination and individuality, encouraging self-expression and confidence.


Citrine Mini Double Terminated Crystal Point Dangle Drop Earrings


MoonstoneFor inspiration and feminine intuition

A stone of new beginnings, reflection and intuition, moonstone is believed to have a strong connection to the magic of the moon, the very symbol of the sacral chakra. This lunar association reminds us to go with the flow and follow the natural rhythms of life, just as the waves roll with the tides. Moonstone is believed to align the Sacral Chakra with healthy sexual energy and a strong feminine energy. 


Small Smooth Rainbow Moonstone Crystal Slab Necklace


SunstoneFor empowerment and self-nurturing 

Thought to carry the powers of the sun and fire, sunstone has a light-filled energy that is believed to inspire leadership, freedom and personal power. It is said to encourage expanded consciousness and self-nurturing, to help you to be of better service to others.


Sunstone Chip Bead Bar Bracelet


ChrysopraseFor openness to growth and new love

This delightful apple green crystal is believed to open, activate and energise both the heart and sacral chakras, bringing universal energy and opening your heart and mind to welcome new love, joy and prosperity into your life.


Tiny Chrysoprase Teardrop Necklace



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