Healing Crystals to help set New Years resolutions

Healing Crystals to help set New Years resolutions


Have you ever wanted to take advantage of the energy of the New Year by doing a little more than setting resolutions that never seem to stick? We’ve shared our favourite way to use crystals to enhance your New Year manifestation energy and to help you set some resolutions which you’ll definitely want to stick to!


The reason that crystals bring so much staying power to your New Years resolutions is down to their energy and when you align a crystal with the exact properties to suit your goals, you’ll be setting yourself up for some powerful transformations in 2020!

Firstly you’ll need to set some 2020 goals...

The key to success with New Year's resolutions is to set goals which are achievable. Think about what you’d like to manifest and of course - dream big - but make sure what you’re intending to manifest is fully attainable to you in 2020.



Next, you’ll need to find a crystal to align with your intention...

You can use our handy ‘shop by gemstone’ section of our site to view the range and also to see what crystals offer what properties! For example, if your goal is to get fit and foster a wellness lifestyle, you might choose to wear an Onyx bracelet for daily endurance and persistence. Or if your New Years resolution is to become a better money saver and what’s more, a money magnet, then you might choose a pair of Citrine earrings, to encourage and maintain wealth.

Once you have written your 2020 goals down, you might also want to place these face up next to your window, for a full lunar cycle to charge along with a clear quartz crystal point. This action helps to turbocharge your goals and bring your intentions to life.



Lastly, you might want to add in a final crystal to help with strengthening your commitment and patience...

Amethyst is the stone for this. A great talisman to help with this is to wear an Amethyst point as a necklace, which serves as a daily reminder towards achieving your New Years resolutions. We love to wear ours not only as a reminder but as a commitment towards achieving everything your heart desires in 2020.


Have you set some incredible intentions already? Let us know yours in the comments below!


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