How to look after crystal jewellery

How to look after crystal jewellery

How to look after crystal jewellery

Wondering how to care for your gemstone jewellery? We’ve put together a handy journal post to help you to keep your precious crystal necklaces and bracelets at their beautiful best.

How do you store crystal jewellery?

All jewellery is precious, but gemstone bracelets and necklaces can be especially delicate, so require extra care to ensure they keep their qualities and beauty.

One simple way to do this is by storing them correctly. For example, to reduce the risk of tarnishing (attributed to being exposed to the elements), store sterling silver and plated jewellery in an airtight container when you’re not wearing them.

If you’re planning on wearing your crystal jewellery every day, it’s best to invest in rose gold or 14k gold fill jewellery as gold is one of the least reactive materials. As it does not react easily with oxygen (or other elements), gold can be worn day after day, year after year, without worry about losing its lustre.

Another thing to remember is that jewellery with translucent or transparent gemstones (such as rose quartz, crystal quartz or light amethyst) shouldn't be worn in the shower as dirt and soap can get caught into hard to reach places.

It’s worth noting that – regardless of which metal your jewellery is made from – when not wearing your gorgeous crystals, you should keep them protected in their boxes for longevity – they are precious, after all!

How can I care for my crystal necklaces and bracelets?

Caring for crystal jewellery needs a little more thought than regular jewellery, because of its delicate gemstones, but that doesn’t mean that this is time-consuming. It just requires a little more conscious effort!

To keep your gemstone jewellery in tip-top condition, it’s best that you don’t get plated or sterling silver jewellery wet and avoid wearing when swimming or working out. Try to also avoid applying creams or perfumes, as these too can react with the metals, dimming their shine.

A great way to preserve gemstone necklaces and bracelets is to gently clean them, after each wear.

How should I clean my gemstone jewellery?

As each precious stone can react differently to chemicals and water, one of the easiest ways to look after your crystal jewellery is to wipe them with a dry cloth.

Some gemstones can absorb chemicals, which in turn, can affect their striking colour. This includes onyx, lapis and turquoise, which can even be affected by things as seemingly gentle as soap.

To clean your crystal jewellery, simply polish with a dry cloth and gently remove any dirt from the day, from between the gemstones. Don’t put your jewellery in a chemical cleaner or ultra sonic cleaner, as this can damage the precious crystals.


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