Beautiful Black Onyx ūüĖ§ July's Grounding, Protective Birthstone

Beautiful Black Onyx ūüĖ§ July's Grounding, Protective Birthstone

Beautifully bold black onyx is known as a stone of protection, believed to offer strength and stamina in times of stress. Today we're exploring the meanings, properties and energies of this grounding, protective black gem!


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How and where Onyx is formed

A variety of chalcedony, onyx naturally occurs with tiny banded layers. Sources around the world have included Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Botswana, Madagascar, Mexico, Myanmar, Pakistan, Yemen and the United States.


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Onyx throughout history

The name onyx is said to be derived from the Greek word ‚Äúonux‚ÄĚ meaning ‚Äúfingernail.‚ÄĚ According to legend, Cupid clipped the fingernails of love goddess¬†Venus¬†while she slept on the banks of the Indus River, and to preserve them the Gods turned the clippings into gemstones.¬†

The term ‚Äėonyx‚Äô was originally used to describe all¬†colour variations, but in more recent times¬†the Romans restricted it¬†to refer exclusively to the darker hues.


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Onyx meanings, properties and energies

Associated with the Root Chakra, July's historical birthstone onyx is believed to protect you from draining, negative energies by absorbing them. It is thought to assist you with decision making, self-control and enhancing your intuition, and is also said to help you though sorrow and grief.



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